Implanting a CHIP in every U.S. citizen - Assignment Example

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MICROCHIP IMPLANTATION: EFFICIENCY AT WHAT COST? Will you consent to be implanted with an identification microchip? Verichip, a company owned by Applied Digital which based in Florida, is a producer of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Chips. When it first announced the release of the said product, a poll was conducted…
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Implanting a CHIP in every U.S. citizen
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Download file to see previous pages There are several reasons why people consent to microchip implantation. First, it allows fast and efficient access to a person’s medical records in case of emergency (Merrill, 2009; Merill, 2007). It is highly efficient since a person will always carry the device within his body wherever he may go. Second, it could also serve as a means of identity verification (Merrill, 2007; Murray, 2004). Murray (2004) said aside from medical institutions, that the company has been working in convincing banks, credit card companies and security agencies that use of their product is highly beneficial in this aspect. Tracking would be another reason (Murray, 2004; Fuller, 2002). Kidnapping is a serious crime that is rampant today. A microchip implanted to a person can be used to track down his or her location. The microchip implant could also serve as another form of security measure. Additional security was the reason why Mexico implanted the microchip to 160 officials said Murray (2004). This served as another of their passes in entering and leaving classified government establishments. Further, the potential of the chip being glucose monitor is also being examined. This would be highly beneficial to diabetic patients who always monitor the level of their blood sugar. In 2007 however, the American Medical Association found several risks of microchip implantation said Merrill (2007). The first of these is that the chip migrates under the skin. Then it also disturbs the signal transmitted by electromagnetic and electrosurgical devices and defibrillators, he added. Further, the microchip might negatively react with certain pharmaceuticals. Aside from these medical issues, there are also privacy and social issues. Since tracking could be possible with the use of the device, a person could feel that his privacy is being invaded and that his moves are being watched. Instead of adding security, the microchip would then cause additional worry to its carrier. It can serve as a tracking device for law-enforcers. But the same device could also be used by criminals to hunt down their prey. If the microchip can be used for efficiency in security, then it can also be used to efficiently breach it. Just as intelligence and skills can be used for further advancement, it can also be utilized to violate laws and conduct criminal acts. There has been a fear that RFID would one day be recognized as a national ID for the Americans. It is just like a chain reaction, when more and more people use the product, then the closer it would get to being a national ID. With passage of bills in some states that ban the mandatory implantation of the said device, this worry has been somehow eliminated. Since there are states that will not mandate its people to have the chip within them, a national ID using this method will no longer be possible. The United States as a country is a leader in the word community. What gets accepted in the U.S. would be considered for acceptance by other countries if not totally accepted. The country being a super-power is a trend-setter and a leader in technological advancement. Its influence to the global community could be easily seen in various aspects such as economics, medicine, the sciences and other fields. The main concern of its leaders would be the benefit of its citizens, but when they pass a national statute, they must also ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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