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Acne:effects on adolescent development - Research Paper Example

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When sebum oil is not drained to the surface of the skin,it blocks,causing bacteria to starts multiplying.When the sebum and bacteria stay under the skin,they yield to whiteheads leading the sebum to oxidize and turn into black spots…
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Acne:effects on adolescent development
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"Acne:effects on adolescent development"

Download file to see previous pages Sometimes, acne can be inflammatory, and can also occur in form of pimples and cysts that emerge when the skin pores block (AAD 2010). According to medical authors, Rockoff, Cole and Gary (2011), acne is a disease of hair follicle that affects the face, back and even the chest in both genders, mainly in the adolescence stage. In addition, it is also common for some women to develop acne even in their late 20’s. Due to the increased amount of oil production, it clogs the hair follicle pores thus resulting to a bump, which could be prone to infection and may cause irritation. Rockoff, Cole and Gary (2011) add that, dirt, stress, and heredity factors do not cause, neither do they contribute to acne. However, pressure caused by helmets and chin straps may contribute to acne. Some drugs, which are either injected or oral, such as steroids may also cause acne. In addition, some kind of jobs that expose one to industrial products can be a contributing factor. Moreover, cosmetic products may cause pores to clog; hence, the author advices on water based products that are safe to use. Nevertheless, rosaces, pseudofollicutilis, folliculitis, and gram-negative folliculitis are some skin conditions that tend to mimic the acne infections (Rockoff, Cole and Gary, 2011)....
Knowledge also helps adolescents to distinguish between facts and myths of acne. In addition, vigorous scrubbing of the face should be discouraged, since it may lead to skin irritation. This is because, squeezing the lesion that forms on the skin only leads to more irritations and may cause severe damage to the skin tissue, therefore leaving scars on the skin. Hence, it should be avoided and medical help sought in severe cases. Acne effects on adolescent development Acne in adolescents yields many factors that affect them. In general, acne can make one to feel ugly, as well as lowering one’s self esteem. For instance, teens may stop socializing with their friend since they feel out of place. Some of acne effects on adolescents include “anxiety, depression, social withdrawal, decreased self-esteem, reduced self-confidence, poor body image, embarrassment, anger, preoccupied with thoughts about acne, frustration, and higher rate of unemployment” (Dunn et al, 2011). According to an article by Dunn et al (2011), acne is usually a common problem that affects about 85% of adolescents. Despite the adolescence stage been a time to develop physically, emotionally and socially, acne may hinder some part of a teenager’s social life due to its effects. This may be caused by its effects on a teenager’s mood, social life, and self-esteem, which finally results to a state of depression and even suicidal thoughts. Nevertheless, according to research conducted by these authors on adolescents between the age of 13 – 18, all who participated and examined by a dermatologist proved that acne was common in boys as compared to girls. However, according to the author, the rate of acne-infected people who are lonely is relatively higher than the diabetic and cancer patients; ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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