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Shakespeare – Othello Introduction “Othello” by William Shakespeare was written tentatively around 1603 and is based on one of the famous Italian short stories bearing the title, “Un Capitano Moro”, which in English means, “A Moorish Captain” and was composed in the year 1565 by Cinthio…
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Shakespeare othello
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Download file to see previous pages Along with it, the play also encapsulates perspective which can be judged from myriad social cone. The feminist and the racist approach to the play amid them is the most prominent. Thesis Statement The play “Othello” by Shakespeare captivates myriad themes like, jealousy, love, revenge and betrayal. All these themes are incorporated in the play which helps it to move forward and reveal the subtle bent of human psychology, which the playwright wishes to project through various characters and their interaction with the other characters in the play. This essay intends to explore the manifestation of these themes through the symbols, characters and motifs of the play throughout its plot. Myriad Themes Captivated within the Multi-layered Plot of the Play Despite being a tragedy, the importance and influence of the play “Othello” in the history of the English theatre cannot be undermined at all. The theme of love in the play is manifested through the love of Othello for Desdemona whom he treats as the extension of his own self. Desdemona is treated by Othello as an object of romantic passion with a feeling of exaltation. The destruction of Desdemona is actually treated as self-destruction for Othello. And the murder of Desdemona is viewed as a prelude to his self-killing. Iago, in such situation, can be viewed as an object of temptation that is persuading Othello relentlessly to view and regard himself from a perspective of Venice. Gradual provocation compelled him to accept the fact that he is an alien to the Venetian society and the lady of his love, who is an embodiment of that Venetian culture, also treats him alien. Othello desired for an ideal beauty and ideal love which he found in Desdemona. Desdemona, on the other hand, is incarnation of pure spiritual love and embodiment of ideal beauty. She is not the icon of love but the reason for love in others. It is under the influence of Iago with his tainted mind, Othello started viewing his beloved as a threat and her sexuality started becoming unbearable for him. Othello under the spell of his frailty mind gradually moves away from the platform on which the sensual and spiritual love were harmonised. Slowly Desdemona’s erotic beauty became an eye-sore for him and her devotion and love seemed “proof” of infidelity. The failure of Othello to harmonize the two aims of love leads him to encounter a fear and loathe of secularity which puts him into an aura encapsulated by physical frailty and extreme dependence on Desdemona. The horror and pity displayed by Othello transcends every spectacle of love and takes him to a paradigm far beyond the complete and noble concept of love undermined by a filthy and self-hatred state of mind. Even the failure of Othello as a romantic lover does not end with the bodily collapse of Desdemona. It is only the destruction of the symbol of life by the lover. And even after the murder of his beloved, the experience of love continues. This is the reason as even after Desdemona perishes, Othello is posited in a “full possession of this heavenly sight” reflected from the sight of his dead beloved. Theme of Jealousy “Othello” is a play that explores sexual jealousy at myriad levels of its plot. The seat of jealousy evolves in the play from the outset of the play; the audiences are encountered with Iago. Iago ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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