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Tourist in dangerous places - Research Paper Example

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Introduction Travel is often times framed by modern standards through thoughts of experiences that include airplanes, drivers, hotels or resorts, and defined activities that have been provided by tourism development. However, travel has not always been a process of protected environmental factors…
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Tourist in dangerous places
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"Tourist in dangerous places"

Download file to see previous pages Traveling in dangerous places has been a historically relevant activity to discovery and adventure and current tourists engage in travels that have risk, adventure, and discovery of new cultures which are not always taken with precautions to limit the risk in which they have immersed themselves. There has emerged a method of travel that provides for the same risk fulfillment that was once a part of the nature of Western civilization as they expanded their influence and territories into ’exotic’ locations. Exotic and dangerous places in the world still exist, creating levels of excitement and risk that can provide the adventurer with a great deal of elevated experience. In addition, travel to some locations are such that it is so dangerous as to be outside of the hope of experience for pleasure and would only be considered for its relevant edification. There are many forms of risky travel that can be considered, and a traveler should evaluate his or her need for the experience and skills required for the journey before attempting to visit some places within the world. Some of these types of dangerous travels can be seen through physically challenging venues. Mountains, the ocean, caves, and the arctic can all be considered for the potential risks involved in traveling to these locales. Skill sets are required for an individual to participate in the physically demanding nature of engaging the natural world through these types of places, thus eliminating the potential for these locations for a great number of people. However, this type of travel appeals to some risk takers, thus it is a popular form of tourism. Eco-tourism is involved in the development of this type of travel, engaging the tourist in designed experiences that provide context in which nature is confronted. Other venues, such as Mount Everest and cave diving, are done through self designed programs that require research and self confidence in developed required skills. Another form of dangerous travel can be seen through entry into countries that are not friendly or are experiencing internal conflict. Some nations in Africa, some parts of Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East may have political environments that do not lead the individual towards a safe and secure environment. In addition, some countries have a lack of control on crime, thus creating a more dangerous region and putting a tourist who is not prepared at risk. Therefore, whenever engaging in travel that includes another country, it is wise to know what risks are involved and how to best avert the potential of bad experiences. A simple example is the myth of not drinking the water in Mexico because there is bacteria that is untenable for the stomach unless one has grown up drinking it. This small risk can change the nature of travel if not prepared and educated on its potential effects. Travel to Third World Environments Travel, according to Mowforth and Munt, is a means of shaping world views, of understanding the ways in which different cultures and environments fit inot the global perspective (6). One of the ways in which travel impacts one’s experience is through the development of geographical imaginations. Through developments that provide context for understanding the world, through age, gender, nation of origin, and through factors that are representations of the identity, the geographical imag ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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