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Purchasing From Local Farmers Can Be Beneficial to the Environment - Assignment Example

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This paper "Purchasing From Local Farmers Can Be Beneficial to the Environment" focuses on the fact that food is one of the basic commodities. It is actually one of the bigger factors that affect the consumers’ budgets, along with home energy and transportation …
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Purchasing From Local Farmers Can Be Beneficial to the Environment
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Extract of sample "Purchasing From Local Farmers Can Be Beneficial to the Environment"

Download file to see previous pages Farms are usually located in other countries that grow certain kinds of food. This 1800 mile travel can give at least 800 kgs of CO2 emissions per travel (Webber and Matthews, 2008).

If the food is sourced from a local farm, which is nearer to the market and it would not be imported, it would not contribute much to the CO2 emissions of the food, because less transportation would be involved. Because of this, local farmers can be a great help in providing a sustainable alternative when it comes to marketing farm produce, and at the same time, prove beneficial to the environment.

As said before, most foods in the market these days are imported from different countries. According to an article by Andy Jerardo, almost 15% of foods in the markets of the United States are imported. This rate rises continually (Brooks, et al). This means that imported food travel at least a thousand miles to get to the consumers’ tables.

Because of that mileage, transportation takes a huge part in the marketing of foods. At the same time, the impact of transportation is big when it comes to computing food’s carbon emissions. It is known that the carbon emission of food starts in farms, especially if livestock is the one being farmed. Since the CO2 emissions from beef and poultry are already big, adding CO2 emissions from the transportation needed from the farm to the market route is already a big factor when considering the impact of food in the environment.

Therefore, if the farms are locally available, it is more logical for the people to buy there if they are actually conscious of their environment. This is because nearer farms mean low transportation costs and low carbon emissions. Low transportation costs and emissions mean cheaper food and less environmental stress.

Local farming also ensures a sustainable economy for farming. Since local farmers are, nearer, with figures playing within 100-150 miles from the food source to the table, the taxes that consumers pay when they buy the product would ultimately go back to the consumers.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Purchasing From Local Farmers Can Be Beneficial to the Environment Assignment.
(Purchasing From Local Farmers Can Be Beneficial to the Environment Assignment)
Purchasing From Local Farmers Can Be Beneficial to the Environment Assignment.
“Purchasing From Local Farmers Can Be Beneficial to the Environment Assignment”.
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