Discuss the importance of dreams in 'Fools Crow' by James Welch. Why is it important to share dreams with others How do dreams - Book Report/Review Example

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Class name Date assignment is due Title James Welch’s famous novel Fools Crow is about the fictional citizens of the Blackfoot nation. The novel presents the happenings of the late 1800s that influenced the people depicted in the novel…
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Discuss the importance of dreams in Fools Crow by James Welch. Why is it important to share dreams with others How do dreams
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Extract of sample "Discuss the importance of dreams in 'Fools Crow' by James Welch. Why is it important to share dreams with others How do dreams"

Download file to see previous pages He was the gentle White Man’s Dog in the beginning. We find his transformation to the wise Fools Crow. Fools Crow shows the religion followed by the tribe in a matter-of-fact manner. Readers are left to judge the religion. Readers should decide whether the religion and the ceremonies of the people are effective or not. In the novel, the dreams and visions of the characters are not just illusions. They are rather true events that are as realistic as the real life incidents of the characters. The reader’s belief is assumed in the approach followed in the novel. Dreams and visions play a major role in the novel Fools Crow by James Welch. Several characters in the novel had experienced dreams and visions. The dreams they saw were so realistic that their visions made them predict the future happenings. Visions and dreams come as messages that warn people about the things that are going to happen. The dreams of these characters made them experience both fortune and misfortunes in their lives. Certain dreams predicted the disastrous events that are going to happen in their lives. The first dream we see in the novel is the dream of the Fools Crow, White-Man's Dog. He saw this dream during the first raid towards the Crows. In his dream he saw a lodge in an enemy camp where naked girls are found. He started to wake when one of the girls approached him. After he woke up he felt in his mind that in the dream he wanted to move closer to the girl, however, knew that there was a danger in the direction of the naked girl. After seeing the dream he felt that he should share it with Yellow Kidney, their leader. However his father has told that it is not good to narrate one’s dream to others. After the raid against the Crows the leader Yellow Kidney failed to return with others. He rather returned several months later and explained what made him late. When he entered the camp of the enemies he found the lodge of naked young girls. The girls were carrying white scabs disease. He had sexual contact with one of the girls and almost died. Hearing this experience of Yellow Kidney White-Man's Dog became deeply disappointed. He blamed himself for the sufferings of the Yellow Kidney. He felt "Why hadn't he told Yellow Kidney of his dream? Such a dream would have been a sign of bad medicine and they might have turned back" (Welch 1870 p. 76). Dream represents future happenings as per this strange dream of White-Man's Dog. His dream was a warning of the future events. White-Man's Dog seems to be a message from God. Dreams in the novel have a prophetic nature. When the horse-raiding party was coming home, one of the members saw a dream. In the dream there was a white horse, having blood across its back. The horse had unseeing eyes and split hooves. The horse appears to be a symbol of death. The dream was interpreted and said that Yellow Kidney was dead. Even though Yellow Kidney had not died he was in the verge of death during that time. He was afflicted with smallpox. Heavy Shield Woman, the wife of Yellow Kidney saw a dream that says that her husband is alive. In her dream her husband asks her to set meals for him so that he can gather strength and maker her swear to become medicine woman in the next Sun dance of the tribe. Sun dance is an offering to the Sun God so that he would return home safe. The dream of Yellow Kidney’s wife closely matches the reality. Another dream we find in the novel is the dream of the medicine man, Mik-api. His dream was about the raven. The raven, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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