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William Franklin Graham Jr., most commonly known as Billy Graham, is considered and regarded to be as the person who was able to preach and share the Word of God to more people compared to any other person in all of history…
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Billy Graham and His Impact
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Download file to see previous pages He has dedicated and devoted his whole entire life since he felt the calling of the Lord in the middle of the 1930s, and continues to touch and inspire the hearts and the spirits of millions of people to come to the Lord. Leading an extraordinary and remarkable life, Billy Graham’s name will forever be remembered as the man who has influenced and shaped the world of Evangelism and Christianity in all of the United States of America. His life is the account of the impact he has made in the world. Born as the eldest on the seventh day in the month of November in 1918, Billy Graham was raised on their family’s dairy farmland in close proximity to the largest city in the state of North Carolina by his parents, William Franklin Graham I who was a successful cultivator and entrepreneur and Morrow Coffey. As he was growing up with his four other siblings namely Katherine, Melvin and Jean, he was already surrounded by the Christian upbringing in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. When the Noble Experiment was imposed in 1933, when he was only a young man at the age of about fifteen years old, Graham’s father had forced him as well as his sister Katherine into drinking and engaging in alcoholic beverages to the point where they would start throwing up. This event that happened early in his life, only as a young teenager, has caused him and his sister a strong feeling of hatred and abhorrence for alcohol and intoxicating drinks and beverages as well as drugs. Graham, a year after the incident, was converted when he was only sixteen years of age at that time when he was attending a series of several revival and renewal meeting in which Mordecai Fowler Ham an American Independent Baptist evangelist and temperance movement leader, a social movement that insist on the reduction of in taking and drinking alcoholic beverages, was in charge of. He enthused up quite a number of different issues and controversies when he was charged and accused for ethical negligence and lack of discipline while he was attending and studying at his local high school. While he continued to be present and attend the meetings in Charlotte, the young Billy Graham was guided and was led, while listening to one of the sermons and lectures of Mordecai Ham, which resulted in the intensification and the increase of Graham's guilt of the outcome of his sins that he has committed in his life. Because of this, he soon after, committed and decided to give over his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. He wanted to put his name down for membership in the youth but was turned down and rejected since they thought of him as “too worldly.” Through the encouragement and persuasion of one of the dairy farm’s employees, Albert McMakin, Graham went to go and talk to Ham. Billy Graham, in the summer month of May of 1936, graduated from Sharon High School and went off to college and started attending the fundamentalist Bob Jones College, which has changed its name and is now presently called Bob Jones University, which was located in the city of Cleveland in the county of Bradley, Tennessee. He did not stay for a long while and after about a couple of months, only staying for one semester, because of not being able to adapt and adjust to the school’s environment, he transferred. He thought of the school as being too strict in both the coursework and the regulations and rules stringently implemented and followed by the school. At that particular moment in time, a pastor from Eastport Bible Church, Pastor Charley Young was able to inspire and had some bearing on Graham. Although he was nearly expelled and forced ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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