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Range of Sun Protection Factor (SPF) products available within the beauty industry/enviroment - PowerPoint Presentation Example

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[Author] [Manager] [Subject] 24 November 2015 Sun Protection Factor and products in the Beauty Industry For years we have known that too much sun is not good for our skin, but how much is too much? There are several vitamins in sunlight that actually benefit the human body, but when human skin is exposed to too much UV radiation, it can be dangerous…
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Range of Sun Protection Factor (SPF) products available within the beauty industry/enviroment
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Download file to see previous pages To simplify this somewhat complex formula it is easier to state that the higher the SPF- the more sun exposure time possible. Sun Protection Factor now plays a key role in the beauty industry where in the past this extra protection was often overlooked. Since there has been a growing hole in the ozone layer, and an increase in sunbathing habits, there has also been an increase in the amount of skin cancer cases worldwide. (Health & Medicine) One way of dealing with these cases and the concern has been to advocate the use of SPF products into virtually all skin care and beauty products that we now use. The endorsement of SPF into beauty products has not been limited to just sun bathing lotion as one might think. SPF Products for the face include, moisturizers, aftercare environmental protection creams, total eye care, pure pressed base powder, elastin cream, sunscreen, lip protectants, treatment foundation, and even tint moisture. Products for the body now include the following: sunscreen lotions, body shimmers, rub-on sticks, sprays, age defenses, tanning products, hydrators, gels, and innovative products such as disposable towelettes. Products for the hair now include: Drying serums, hair concentrate, molding creme, scalp defense, sheer pomade, and hair oil. There are several companies such as Qnc Labs that are even trying to create “sunblock for nails”, along with creams and lotions made specifically for the hands and nails. It is important to understand the ways in which our bodies absorb these products and what affects they have on us. According to Isabella Karlsson, a doctoral student at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Gothenburg’s Faculty of Science, “Many of them (the products) break down in the presence of sunlight. We there wanted to look at what can happen to the chemical sun protection agents when exposed to UV rays, and how the degradation products that form affect the skin.” (Health & Medicine) There are several products within these SPF beauty products such as Avobenzone, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Tinosorb, Mexoryl SX, and Arylglyoxales. During testing, the last to be mentioned Arylglyoxales, turned out to be highly allergenic”, said Karlsson. This could be why several people are “allergic to creams that contain dibenzoylmehtanes, a UVA-absorbing substances in sun creams.” (Health & Medicine) There are new products that show the innovative health benefits as well as beauty in terms of science. There is a new skin cream that can apparently repair as much of that has been caused by bathing in the sun. This cream has been shown to prevent sunburn while reversing the immune suppression caused by sunlight and heal up to half of the genetic defects that resulted from ultraviolet radiation exposure. (Connor, Steve) A cream that can address both the problems of immune suppression and DNA damages that significantly increase the risk of skin cancer could be a great benefit to millions of fair-skinned people. According to Professor Krutmann, of Heinrich Heine University, “It’s a big step forward in terms of strategies for preventing or delaying the onset of skin cancer. Up to now sun creams only work if you remember to put them on before you go into the sun. With this approach you have a way of repairing the damage once it has happened. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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