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In the paper “The impact of celebrity endorsement” the author analyzes from several perspectives why consumers buy high prices watches. He thinks that the modern customer is motivated by his desires, psyche and moods. The problem arises when one tries to define consumer behavior…
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The impact of celebrity endorsement
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Download file to see previous pages Marketing has always been a challenge and more so for products that are costlier as the customers for the same are restricted in numbers due to need for higher purchasing power. The common products of daily use are a must for all, and although the marketers need to push these products too, due to high competition by similar products, the real test for marketing lies in pushing the highly priced premium products like watches that can only attract discerning buyers who wish to be seen as a class apart from the ordinary buyer.
Brands like Rolex, Omega and Breitling fall under this category of products. The rationale of a watch is to show accurate time and almost any watch can serve the purpose. However their class, premium features, speciality materials, extraordinary quality and their aura command certain respect from both the customer and the onlooker. They exude an aura for the user and awe of the observer. What motivates the customer to buy them? How are these marketed? Is value created through normal advertising or does it need special advertising support in form of celebrity endorsement?
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Companies need to advertise in order to spearhead their marketing efforts. Earlier advertisements were informative in nature and were used to convey the properties of the products and their general usefulness. Price information became a part of advertisement in order to bring home the point about it being affordable and competitive. The homogeneity of many products needed some distinguishing factors and for this branding of products was the new method of distinctiveness. A company could have different brands for a variety of products. Later even the branding of the company became an identifying factor for excellence of products or service.
2.1 Medium of Advertisements
The first medium was the print media as this was the prevalent mass method and targeted consumers could read about the products. Rival companies made campaigns out of such advertisements and from positive advertisements portraying the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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