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Qatar sporting legacy - Dissertation Example

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Qatar Sporting Legacy Name of the Student A Dissertation Proposal Subject Name of the Concerned Professor Date Khalifa Stadium, Qatar TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1 - Introduction Introduction 5 The Nation 7 Qatar: A Beacon of Economic Stability 8 Political Stability 11 Rationale for Study 13 Rationale for Qualitative Study 14 Statement of the Problem Research Questions Chapter 2 - Review of the Literature Introduction 16 Qatar 17 Economy 26 Bid to the 2022 World Cup 28 FIFA World Cup 2022 31 Active Lifestyle through Sports 33 Utilizing Sports as motivation to promote an active and healthy society 34 Development of Sports Facilities 37 Sports as a lifestyle 39 Promoting a healthy and active life…
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Qatar sporting legacy
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Download file to see previous pages Having won the bid for the 2022 FIFA World Cup made Qatar the highlight of sports news, as the nation continues to establish and consolidate its position as a prime sporting destination. In line with the economic potential of hosting local and international sports events, the present study aims to determine the social, political and economic factors as the foundation that helped build Qatar's sporting legacy. A qualitative approach has been utilized, wherein data collection was processed using interview responses as primary sources, whereas journals, and the like, have been used as secondary sources. The study focused on answering the questions, (1) Can Qatar be a viable venue for holding sports events (2) Does Qatar have the necessary sporting infrastructure, economic and political stability to sustain its sporting legacy on a long term basis, (3) Can other Asian countries sustain a sporting legacy, similar to what Qatar has done. The researcher was able to determine that Qatar has the resources and the capacity to become a prime venue for holding both international and local sports events, as well as sustain its sports legacy on a long term basis. This is due to the country’s stable economic and political state, as supported by the nation's passion towards sports. It has also been found that other Asian economies would only be able to emulate Qatar's sporting legacy, given that the factors necessitated in creating one would be present. Chapter 1 Introduction Sports stand to command a pivotal place in Qatar’s social and national life. One primary reason behind this phenomenon is the fact that people in the Middle East do have a special predilection for outdoor activities. The sports legacy of Qatar is a unique mix of the new developments as well as the age old traditions. This is why, since the last two decades, the government of Qatar has embarked on a unique policy to promote the local and international sports in Qatar (QSC, 2010). The primary thrust of this policy is to introduce and support new sports like golf, soccer and tennis, while at the same time encouraging traditional sports like camel racing and horse racing. There is no denying the fact that modern Qatar can proudly boast of some of the best, world class sports facilities. Qatar not only intends to promote sports within the country, but also aspires to evolve into a popular tourist destination. The hosting of international sports events and competitions by Qatar has stimulated and enhanced the interest of the local population in sports (QSC, 2010). The awarding of 2022 FIFA World Cup to Qatar came as a surprise to most of the Asians, Americans and Europeans. However, the fact is that this Gulf ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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