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Americanization in Qatar - Essay Example

Qatar is also regarded as Americanized country regarding the modernization of its structural realm by some degree. As effect, Qatar was often subject of criticism with its Americanized structure and standard of living. The essay will determine the details of the degree of Qatar’s Americanization and its negative effect in certain perspectives. In today’s Qatar, the younger generation does not agree with the way of life of their elders. They say that the world is changing now and things are not the same any more. It is not odd to keep listening to iPod all day, and it is cool to hang out with friends at Hard Rock cafe. Eating at home with the family is no more important, and fast food is the way of life. The best weekend activity is to join a music concert, and stay up very late at night. This lifestyle is apparent in the American culture, known for projecting liberation and modernity. Elders spend a lot of energy and wisdom trying to convince the younger generation to lessen such liberated and modernized lifestyle but to no use. The modern way of life had sink-in deeply in the minds of the youth. They look at those opposed to such lifestyle as conservatives, and that they lack the will to improve. Commonly known to them that such lifestyle is the modern way of living but in reality, this is an effect of the impact of American culture in the country – thus Americanization in Qatar indeed. An example of the prevailing influence of American culture to a country is through the findings of Brendon

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O’Connor, an Irish media personality; in his report, “Bored with the USA.” O’ Connor said that the cultural trends of Australia are being resolute by Americans. He said that it is an indirect statement that all Australians are Americans now. In parallelism with Qatar, such statement is also true in the country. Americanization is determined in the entertainment culture of Qatar. These are the country’s local movies, fashion, and literature. These forms of entertainment are the source of the values of the youth in Qatar, endangering the traditional values that came from religion and education. In return, Young Qataris tend to practice and adapt more the American culture due to the entertainment depiction of lifestyle where they are getting their values and standard way of living. Another noticeable change in the Qatari tradition is the traditional family eating. Before, eating at home was considered essential and part of the Arab family tradition. From preparation to the very presentation and consumption proper, everything has significance to them. But with the arrival of American fast food in the country, with their attractive marketing campaigns and have found their way into the minds of the younger generation, the traditional Qatari meal had faded. A British writer in Guardian publication, Mark Rice-Oxley, affirmed those fast foods are indeed American culture. He cited bagel shop, coffee shop such as Starbucks, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Hard Rock Cafe as obvious American brands of food-producer. These are all present in Qatar. Rice-Oxley implied that it is not really the food as the main reason of such change in the traditional meal of one country, but it’


Nayif Kalla Dr. Kim English 812 23 February 2011 American Influence in Qatar The strength of America lies on its influence among other countries that are susceptible enough to adapt supplementary cultures or standard of living of others. “Americanization” refers to the influence of the American culture to other countries that manifests in its media and current popular culture, language, technology, even in business and political systems…
Americanization in Qatar
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