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Running Head: ICE AGE 1 Your Name Ice Age Sub-Zero Heroes Film Analysis Released on March 15, 2002 Directed by: Chris Wedge Carlos Saldanha (Co-Director) Written by: Michael J. Wilson Michael Berg Cinematographers: Michael Feder (Production Supervisor: Technical Directors) Billie Foster (Assistant Production Manager: Animation) Starring: Ray Romano as Manfred (voice) John Lequizamo as Sid (voice) Denis Leary as Diego (voice) Running Head: ICE AGE 2 Abstract The film Ice Age released in 2002, was a story of 3 different species, who became best of friends later on…
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Ice age movie ( film analysis )
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Running Head: ICE AGE Ice Age Sub-Zero Heroes Film Analysis Released on March 15, 2002 Directed by: Chris Wedge Carlos Saldanha (Co-Director) Written by: Michael J. Wilson Michael Berg Cinematographers: Michael Feder (Production Supervisor: Technical Directors) Billie Foster (Assistant Production Manager: Animation) Starring: Ray Romano as Manfred (voice) John Lequizamo as Sid (voice) Denis Leary as Diego (voice) Running Head: ICE AGE 2 Abstract The film Ice Age released in 2002, was a story of 3 different species, who became best of friends later on. Set in ice age, while other prehistoric species were migrating towards south, these 3 character species namely Manfred the mammoth, Sid the sloth, and Diego the saber tooth tiger, were likely minding their own businesses. Because of a circumstance wherein a baby was stolen from his herd by a pack of saber tooth tigers which includes Diego, were destined to meet to accomplish a mission given to Manfed and Sid which is to save and to bring the baby back to his herd. The only way to bring back the baby is to track down the way back to his family which only Diego, the saber tooth tiger, can do it. Keywords: track down, destined Running Head: ICE AGE 3 Ice Age Sub-Zero Heroes Film Analysis The film Ice Age Sub-Zero Heroes that was released in 2002 is a film of how friendship prevails in many circumstances. Manfred, a loner mammoth, travels alone. His past was painful due to his parents were killed by humans. He suddenly close encountered Sid, the sloth, who was left behind by his herd (which always yearly happen) because he (Sid) was trying to escape the two rhinos who’s vegetable salad was ruined by Sid. As the story goes, both Manfred and Sid met Diego, a saber tooth tiger, companion of the pack of saber tooth tiger who stole a baby from his family to take revenge to humans who attack their specie wherein the baby was given to Manfred by his mother, and tasked to bring back the baby to his family. They were bound to seek help from Diego to help track the humans to get rid of the baby and go back to their own lives. At the bottom of the story, the trio of Manfred, Sid, and Diego blossomed into friendship and considered themselves the weirdest herd. My film choice shows that different personality involved, like what is being portrayed in the film, has a great chance of becoming friends. Similar to the movie, Finding Nemo, wherein the character are of different species and personality, the film Ice Age, the writers has created characters which is literally, has different personalities and even, different in specie. However, having these differences, the film was able to produce a story wherein these different personalities can go along given different circumstances. It is a story of friendship and growth. The presentation of the story, which is ice age, somewhat used by the writers, has relevance to the circumstance they are trying to overcome. As we all know, during the ice age, there is the survival of the fittest, but that never prevented the characters to become human like in accomplishing their mission. Running Head: ICE AGE 4 As to film shots, the cinematographers had used different angles and distances as the story goes on. With the mixture of long and wide screen shots, not to mention the 3D effect, the viewers were able to see and focus on all the dimensions and distances portrayed in the film. Like in the scene where they were trapped in the cave and the baby accidentally slide into ice-like trail, the characters in this scene rode a roller coaster like as they try to get the baby. The film Ice Age is a mixture of comedy, drama, and action wherein different shots showing the emotional impacts where seen. Just like when Manfred saw the stone sketches of his kind, touching every detail of the drawing, his face were close shot, showing his emotions of pain that they were once hunted by humans. The scene also showed the moment of forgiveness when the baby was able to touch his trunk. In the scene where rhinos were about to eat the dandelion, it has close shot image showing how excited they are to last dandelion of the season. The film Ice Age mixed various proxemic patterns to entertain the viewers. Most of the lighting and color effect in Ice Age are dominant. I believed the cinematographers used this effect to get attention from the viewers most especially, the kids. With the type of lighting and color used which are vivid and lively, the film was able to produce an image which is enjoyable to watch by many viewers. The story has shown relevance to its theme because there is a sequence how their friendship has evolved. In the first part, the story goes on how each character became acquainted to each other, though they have different goals in the story. However, because of the mission they have to accomplish, they have developed a bond, that even the most wicked of them, Diego, has able to change his motive. At the end of the story, they decided to stick as one group because they believed, being the weirdest, they would fit as a herd. Running Head: ICE AGE 5 Generally, the movie Ice Age Sub-Zero Heroes is a very entertaining movie suited to all ages. The creators of the movie used a lively visual and auditory effects, and spoken language for general viewers. The film implies friendship and courage, characters that will help children understand its meaning through this film. Viewer will also learn its relevance to the history because of the use of prehistoric creatures which lived thousands of years ago. Running Head: ICE AGE 6 References Ice Age. The Internet Movie Database. Web. 2011 Understanding Film. The Wetpaint The Bachelorette Obsessed. Web. 2011 Ice Age Movie Review. Real Movie News. Web. 2011 Read More
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