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China's energy technology and how it affects the United States - Research Paper Example

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China’s Energy Technology and How it Affects the United States Introduction The great recession has heralded the rise of a new economic power wherein China has catapulted past Japan to be the second largest economy(IMF, WEO 2009). Currently, it is breathing down hard on the neck of the United States threatening to grab the top spot that the United States has held on for so long…
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Chinas energy technology and how it affects the United States
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"China's energy technology and how it affects the United States"

Download file to see previous pages The Chinese economy have shown remarkable strength and resiliency throughout the economic crisis and has likewise shown significant strength when recovery started to set in. However, the United States remain shackled down by systemic risks since the crisis basically crippled the banking sector of the US. Among the positive contributors to the resiliency of the Chinese economy was the strong domestic demand that has been instrumental in ensuring consumption and therefore economic growth. This has been brought about by the fact that China has the highest population in the world which the Central Intelligence Agency (2011) estimates to about 1.3 billion. On the other end, the United States has over .3 billion which places it at the third spot over the world. Looking at the population alone, it is easy to surmise that these countries are also the most voracious energy consumers in the world. However, the recent acceleration of the Chinese economy has prompted the government to be more serious in tackling the energy demand of the country. This is a basic necessity since this is a basic requirement for continued economic growth. Hence, it has been a pressing concern for the Chinese to improve their capability to power their economy which includes renewable energy sources from the sun and the wind. Likewise, this has been instrumental in pushing China past the United States in terms of energy consumption (IEA, 2010). Main Body Economic recovery and Energy Sustainability The recovery of the global economy has been coupled by the increased arousal to the reality of global warming. Likewise, the fact that fossil fuels will eventually run out has been increasingly gaining traction on economic, social, political and even in military dialogues worldwide. As a matter of fact, world leaders have inked the Copenhagen agreement in order to lessen emissions from green house gases (World Energy Outlook, 2010). This is a significant agreement since the environmental symptoms of global warming has been growing more severe. Likewise, in order to ensure economic growth and stability, countries would do well to veer away from the traditional power source of fossil fuels. This has significantly boosted demand for renewable energy sources such as solar power and wind energy. More so, the economic growth of China has necessitated additional power producing capabilities. Over the last generation, China has increased its power output by about 53 gigawatts (gw) per year (Campbell 2011). Given the high population and the increasing investments to further grow their economy, China has really stepped up its efforts and investments in renewable energy. According to Wong (2010), China has been significantly pouring funds for renewable energy. Basically, the Chinese hopes to be ahead of the curve when it comes to generating new ways to harness renewable energy as well as to be able to make it available for consumption and actually making its economy able to utilize it. Furthermore, China has significantly moved away from the coal dependent economy that is, although growing industrially, manufactures only low value goods that are mainly dependent on labor. Nowadays, despite still being a predominantly agricultural economy, China has been re-cast as an advanced economy with an increasingly sophisticated economy coupled by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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