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Just Health - Essay Example

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Three Questions of Justice The Moral Imperative: Human Needs & Human Rights Name: Class: SCS - Political Philosophy Date: 4/30/2011 I. Introduction In “Just Health” by Norman Daniels, the author poses ‘Three Questions of Justice’ as a means of inquiry into the issue of whether or not society is obligated to protect and promote health in the community or whether the government should provide a safety-net for public healthcare assistance to individuals and families who cannot provide for these services themselves economically…
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Just Health
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"Just Health"

Download file to see previous pages "Is health, and therefore health care and other factors that affect health, of special moral importance?" 2. "When are health inequalities unjust? 3. “How can we meet health needs fairly under resource restraints?" (Daniels, 2008) This essay will evaluate the conceptualization of healthcare, global poverty, and world hunger on a common moral basis related to human need through an analysis of these ‘Three Questions of Justice’ in the works of Amartya Sen, Ronald Dworkin, John Rawls, and other modern scholars. In relating the issue of human needs to human rights through the lens of the moral imperative, the essay will seek to understand how societies and groups build political consensus and collectively address issues of human suffering through political organizations. This analysis includes an exploration of the theoretical and practical limits of humanitarian activity related to egalitarian economic rights frameworks and the goals of universal healthcare that are found in democracy, capitalism, and human rights. The moral awareness of the individual creates the categorical imperative to act, join into groups of free-association, build policies, and reform institutions to provide universal healthcare globally. This is based in human altruism fundamentally by definition. The issues of resource scarcity in society are only limited if the individual chooses to perceive them that way or they are controlled forcibly in a way that is inconsistent with the equality of human need defined through altruism. Similarly, they will only be enacted as policy or viewed as “universals” in society if enough people share these goals in group organizations collectively. Reform of institutions to implement economic rights or universal healthcare popularly is based in the shared moral awareness. The means of funding this process is limited only by resource restraints as individuals conceive them, and these are not inherent to society. Rather, the cost of universal healthcare is negligible compared to what society wastes on what can be considered non-essential goods and services or “socialism for the rich” as it operates under the hegemony of corporate democracy in modern America. Because the coercive aspects of wealth distribution are resisted politically, an ideal solution to Daniels’ “Three Questions of Justice” can only be implemented if people base their social decisions and policies on selfless, compassionate, and altruistic understanding of human needs and global development, highlighting the need for mind-change (metanoia) in the individual as the basis for the reform of institutions and policy. The shared fundamentals of both humanism and religion provide a basis for the realization of these goals in human society, yet education in moral values can be seen as the preferred method of achieving for lasting change in institutions and governance. II. Healthcare - Human Need Creates the Moral Imperative One way to interpret Daniels’ ‘Three Questions of Justice’ as they relate to the evolution of culture and civilization historically is to view healthcare issues related to global poverty, hunger, clean water, and sanitation of a special ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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