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The technology of ultra thin televisions - Research Paper Example

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Topic:  the technology of ultra thin televisions Abstract The advent of ultra thin flat screen televisions has revolutionized the way we receive home entertainment. Apart from providing a much better picture quality they also occupy less space, look stylish and chic, and can easily be hung on walls – like a moving portrait for somebody who lived twenty years ago…
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The technology of ultra thin televisions
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Download file to see previous pages The main reason behind this transition is the fact that all of the competing electronics companies are struggling to provide the best HD experience to their customers, and this competitiveness has led to a great deal of innovation. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) TV's have set the standard for the technology to evolve and conform to consumer tastes. Most television manufacturers only concentrate on this technology and strive to make it even better. LED (Light Emitting Diode) TV's are gaining popularity over the conventional CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light) LCD's. The LED-LCD Technology uses LED lights to enhance picture quality such as brightness and contrast, despite keeping the TV extremely thin, i.e. less than 0.9 inches (Bartels). Background Information The Television we have in our homes today has come a long way. From a gigantic box to a delicate wall-hanging devise, the struggle has been long and laborious. A chronological study of how TVs have evolved provides us with a better understanding of the evolution of their technology2. At the beginning of TV technology, a debate lingered over whether electronic television systems worked better than mechanical systems. However, with research it was decided that electronic TV provided better results than mechanic. Electronic television is based on the technology of the cathode ray tube, which is the picture tube that is found in modern TV sets. German scientist Karl Braun was the one who invented the cathode ray tube oscilloscope in 1897 (Bellis). The very first prototype for plasma display TV was invented in 1964 by Donald Blitzer, Gene Slottow, and Robert Wilson. In 1996 the world was introduced for the first time to the Light Emitting Polymer devices and in 1997 a flexible flat panel display was also created. In October 2007 Sony Electronics launched the XEL-1, the first ever OLED TV (11inches). Although the prototypes of color flexible displays and ultra thin televisions are demonstrated by several companies throughout the world, the television of today is still evolving. Applications The most remarkable benefit of a flat screen set is its lightness and portability. A flat screen TV is extremely compact and it is convenient to move it anywhere in the house. It gives us a large number of options for placing it at around as it is light enough to be mounted from the ceiling, or to be hung on a wall. The flat-screen ultra thin televisions also come in a wide variety of sizes. The biggest size mostly manufactured for the set is 84 inches. Other, more common models go from 20 up to 42 inches, and within this range the most popular sizes are the 26-, 32- and 42-inch sets. The smallest plasma set on the market is 42 inches. A very important benefit of thin LCD screens is that they can serve as monitors for personal computers, aside from functioning as a TV at home. Plasma sets also offer the best quality in video. They are great for watching high definition programming, offering incredible detail and color. Both types of sets have a lifespan of at least 30,000 hours, which equals about 15 years.3 Plasma sets are consistent when it comes to video display, while LCDs are a bit unreliable in terms of transmitting satellite and cable programming. Another very important be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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