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Organizational and Theory - Research Paper Example

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Student ID Lecturer Submission Date University Organizational Research and Theory Within the organizational context, it is important to take notice of the environment that exists within its fore. What this means is the fact that an organizational environment is the basis of its success premise and without this happening, there would be serious anomalies that will take place…
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Organizational Research and Theory
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"Organizational and Theory"

Download file to see previous pages Hence this remains a pivotal understanding that environments do shape up the organizations and vice versa (organizations shaping environments) because these are inter-linked and bring the value that is envisaged from their domains. What is even more interesting here is the fact that the organizational environment is the embodiment of how an organization would try to inculcate its culture amongst the people who work within its folds and the ones who are externally linked with it, i.e. the stakeholders, customers and the third party middlemen. Thus there is immense linkage happening at different perspectives and positions. In this paper, an effort has been made to comprehend how the organizational environment brings value and how both the organizations and the environments shape up each other, while discussing the basis of coalitions and their pertinent contexts. Also professional understanding of the issues that explain the basis of the organizations and the reason as to how these organizations are strategically related with their environments is made note of. Managing the organizational change and the transformation processes are deemed as very significant for gaining an understanding that is related with the organizational environments. If these change elements are not producing the value quotient that is expected out of them, then this could mean serious issues coming to the reckoning of all and sundry. If however these change elements are shaping up the organizational environments then this is a totally unique and different matter altogether. What remains to be seen is how the change discussions center on the organizational environments and what are the aftereffects of the changing scenarios that are taking place within an organizational context (Macher, 2009). If the company believes in manifesting change but not in drawing up an environment which is true to its employees and indeed the entire organization, then this would mean merely working towards changing but not properly bringing in any successful areas within the change premise of the organizational environments. If however the change is in-depth and has a long-lasting value and ramification for the organizational environment, then this change has happened for the wellness of the company and it must be appreciated across the board. The need is to remain one step ahead and be proactive about the dealings of the organizational environments so that change is a vital element and not something that happens on its own. Organizational change is indeed the changing over or transformation of cultural and social values as well as the human linkages over a period of time. This time duration usually depends upon a host of factors which essentially makes up the organizational change in essence. They key features of the organizational change are that it takes place on a constant basis and is proactive for most of its undertaking. It is brought forward by an organizational intent yet its planning phases are not decided by anyone. Within an organizational context, the environment is very important because it is the environment itself that shapes up actions and behaviors on part of both the employees and the top management realms in the organization. If the environment ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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