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Is the internet having a Positive or Negative impact on America's young people - Research Paper Example

This is because the American population banks staunchly on the ways and means through which the Internet has been a major force to reckon with, and how it has affected millions of teenagers and youngsters in the lengths and breadths of the nation.
When the American young people witness dance, music, terrorism and violence on the Internet, they aspire to become a part of all that. What they forget is the fact that the Internet is just a tool that they need to make use of, and that they cannot exceed the expectations that they have set for their own selves, when it comes to the Internet. The Internet does not solve their issues; in fact what it does is to propagate the bad elements within the society and makes it go straight over to the young people that are present within it. This is a very drastic problem and one that needs to be solved in an amicable way. The American population is constantly being bombarded with the different avenues that are open on the Internet and make available information which is not at all encouraging for their respective domains. What remains to be seen is how the young ones within America understand the nuances that engulf their own selves and how they make the most fitting use of the Internet for their long term success. However this is something that does not go down well with the prevalent state of the revolution that technology has brought into the disposition, and more specifically with the rise and further rise of the Internet amongst the folds of the

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(Tindall, 2011). The negative impact of the Internet is such that the thinking modules of the young ones get affected for more reasons that are wrong than the right ones. It leaves a very bad taste in the mouth and the discernments are strong enough to comprehend and contemplate in the long run. It is a fact that the negative impact of the Internet is such that it creates a sense of indifference within the minds and hearts of the young ones, where they tend to feel that they need to go out there and make their mark within the relevant mix of technological domains. The negative impact is such that it creates animosity amongst the younger generation with the norms and routines that they find their lives plagued within. More than anything else, they are at constant war with their own selves, to achieve the impossible and to go out if their way to manifest a change which does not seem coming at all (Mosley, 2011). The expectations of the young ones from the Internet are also impregnable because they believe that the Internet is a platform which solves all their problems but in reality this is not the case. They believe that if they spend more time on the Internet, they would be considered ‘cool’, hip and trendy within their relevant circles. Therefore they like to keep a distance from their immediate social circles and spend more time within their Internet related domains (Lazarinis, 2010). This is quite unfortunate because their family commitments take the backseat for all the wrong reasons, and there is no justification present to hold sway for the same misgivings. In essence, the negativities presented by the Internet are something to write home about and that too from an alarming perspective. There are many losers under such discussions, and the young ones lose out


It is a fact that the American youngsters and teenagers are most prone to the wrong usage of the Internet and it is about time some positive actions and undertakings are made to thwart the predicaments that engulf the population under consideration. …
Is the internet having a Positive or Negative impact on Americas young people
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