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Changing Moral Values Outline of the Paper Thesis The moral values within the context of a society are on the move and the element of negativity attached with it is getting enhanced consistently. Introduction It is important to define moral values before commenting on how these make up a definitive statement within the society’s different dimensions and undertakings…
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Changing Moral Valves
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"Changing Moral Valves"

What literature and secondary research suggests? The research available at hand regarding the role of the moral values in the light of the society is very significant to understand. Conclusion The shortcomings within the system of moral values being incorporated into the society’s domains are highlighted. Reaction Paper on Changing Moral Values in our Society The definition of morality within the society has changed, and that too for all the wrong reasons. The changing moral values within the world of today are due to the changing standards within the minds and hearts of the younger generations. It would be right to suggest here that the changing moral values are due to the incorporation of the technological domains, the non-adherence to what the elders have to say, and the complete disregard for rules and procedures as laid down by the people in positions of authority. This is because the young ones believe that they can take the entire society for granted even if they do not manifest their own selves in a good enough way. This is indeed sad state of affairs which have come to the fore and which need to be understood within the proper scheme of things. One should believe that these moral values have changed because there is no respite for understanding the nuances related with the human disposition of comprehending the norms and routines that are prevalent within any society of the world. What remains to be seen is how the morality has changed its definition with the passage of time, and how people have started to view it in diverse contexts with the changing scenarios and situations which have come about. This is because human beings have little time for moral values now than ever before. They like to focus on material gains which are something that holds a lot of value for them in the long run. However this is an unfortunate scenario which has come about in the time and age of today. If one discerns the exact reasons why moral values are changing, the same could be attributed on to the shoulders of the people who must bring about such changes in the first place. What this implies is the fact that these moral values have more or less been on the shifting side due to the lack of understanding that adherence to morality is indeed a must. This brings to light the notion of the moral values being a fundamental part of any society’s fabric, which would essentially tackle the weaknesses present within the society and take note of the immense success points that remain to be tapped under its aegis. The role of the elders within the societal domains remains an important one. It is because of them that the weaknesses within the morality regimes have come up from. If they had taken a stern approach towards making sure that moral values had not changed, there is no reason that such shifts within the attitudinal basis of the people would have come about. What is even more interesting is the fact that the elders within the society have done little or absolutely nothing to rectify the weaknesses that have come about. What literature and secondary research has brought to the fore is a solid understanding that moral values are there for the goodness of the society without any doubt whatsoever. This indeed is a very important undertaking that needs to be comprehended within the relevant scheme of things Read More
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