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Service and the Security implication of VOIP - Dissertation Example

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FRONT COVER Service and Security Implications of VoIP [Of author] 2011 2011 M.Sc. TITLE PAGE Service and Security Implication of VoIP by Dissertation submitted to the University of Derby in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of Master of Science in add name of programme here Abstract This dissertation is about the practical use of Voice over IP…
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Service and the Security implication of VOIP
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Extract of sample "Service and the Security implication of VOIP"

Download file to see previous pages The use and importance of telecommunication in business cannot be overstressed. In some industries, it is even their source if not the most important infrastructure that drives the business processes. However, in order to use the technology efficiently and effectively, its limitations and security has to be assessed and determined. The anonymity of the internet provides an added complexity to the challenge since the prosecution and detection of perpetuators is not only hard but the detection of an actual eavesdropping is already hard in itself. This dissertation will provide the best infrastructure that is both resilient and redundant that will provide the basic security to basic security threats. As proof of concept this dissertation will also demonstrate how an actual VoIP system can be set-up and used, this dissertation has also confirmed how an actual attack on the security can be done and its potential effect on the user. This dissertation also provided a technical strategy on how to remediate the security vulnerabilities. However, as any technical security strategy goes, there will always be a hacker that is better at overcoming the best and the latest security system. A determined hacker will always find a way to overcome any security system thrown in front of him thus this dissertation will provide recommendation that will protect businesses from falling prey to opportunistic and disreputable shady characters. Acknowledgement This author would like to thank his love ones for providing him with the inspirations to stay on track for him to be able to finish this dissertation. This author would also like to thank his instructor for providing him the chance and opportunity to learn not only from his instructor’s knowledge but also from the wisdom his instructor imparts. The practical way this author’s instructor presents solutions to complex problems have inspired this author to be better than what he perceive can become. This author’s instructor made him realise that this author can be more than what he want to be or could become. Table of Contents Abstract 3 Acknowledgement 4 Table of Contents 5 1.0Introduction 5 1.1 Overview 6 1.2 Existing Problems 7 1.3 Aims and Objectives 8 1.4 Project Objectives 9 1.5 Research Methodology 10 1.6 Structure of the Dissertation 12 2.0 Literature Review 13 Chapter Summary 26 3. 0 Methodology 28 4.0 Voice over IP Implementation and Threats and Vulnerabilities Demonstration 30 5.0 Statement of Result 49 6.0 Analysis AND Discussion 51 7.0 Conclusion 53 8.0 Recommendation 57 Reference List and Bibliography 61 Appendices 67 List of Figures: 67 List of Tables: 68 Asterisk installation guide 68 CentOS/Linux installation guide 68 1.0 Introduction Asterisk was developed as a cheap alternative to PBX by Mark Spencer. Since then the face of VoIP has never been the same again. Since 1989 the development of VoIP as an alternative transport system for telephony signalling has progress to a point that almost all of the telephone infrastructures all over the world are being used as data transporter along with voice channel. VoIP simply enabled telecommunication companies to maximize its infrastructure by making several channels available in a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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