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System evaluation and benchmark testing - Assignment Example

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GIS is an abbreviation of Geographic information systems and it is one of the gifts of the modern technology. The GIS includes softwares and hardwares and its main purpose is to capture and store data regarding the different physical locations on Earth. The following research is conducted in order to evaluate the capabilities and usability of different GIS products available in the market…
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System evaluation and benchmark testing
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Download file to see previous pages Strengths and Limitations of each system: Grass is open project software and can be used for finding directions to managing natural conditions. A user may put it for various purposes and achieve expected results. The Grass GIS software is a combination of raster/vector Geographical Information Software enhanced images and visualized data system. The system can be utilized by the usage of different modules but the users must know their own requirements before implementing it for use. GRASS GIS software system offers the 'GRASS Programmer's Manual.' The biggest benefit of using Grass software is that it can be used by writing custom made modules according to the user's own requirements. The users only need to read through the existing written modules to get a clear picture of the difference between what will be the output of the existing module and what output they want. When they get a clear picture it will be easier to frame a GIS module which adds on to the existing ones. This is perhaps the biggest feature and distinct characteristic of GRASS software that it offers the access and customization of internal structure of the system. The GRASS GIS offers a library to develop and document the modules as the Application Programming Interface. API is built to help the users in the development of the new module as a new add-on. With the help of this feature, users can help the project in growing and there will be more varieties of modules for the new users. Google Earth is proved to be vey useful in Real Estate and Engineering Industries. Google Earth uses the imagery database and also a very high pixel aspect for the printing purpose to enhance its service quality. Google Earth provides live satellite images of different parts of Earth. They may not be live in actual sense but they are updated very soon so they are mostly near to live and present most up-to-date images of world's topography. Google Earth is very beneficial for students and as well as business class people. It is helpful in providing satellite views for architectural projects, real estate decisions and also for businesses that need geographical information. During previous years, Google Earth Pro has been used by several NGOs in order to help and restore endangered life in different regions of the world. NGOs used Google Earth to collect and organize geographical sets of data, identifying sites, making maps and presenting their ideas. It is also very helpful in real estate business. The real estate dealers start to make their own portfolio of properties through Google Earth and it is perhaps the best tool to manage real estate business over seas where it will be difficult for the buyer to access the site. Microsoft MapPoint is a mapping application that is available in market for both business and home users. can easily plot geospatial data for North America or Europe. It can also geocode locations and plot routes. Although it is not having extensive functionality of a more comprehensive GIS system like supporting ESRI format that is a standard format for GIS data, however it offers to create ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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