The Use of Evidence Based Practice in Nursing - Essay Example

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The Use of Evidence Based Practice in Nursing.
Due to the fact that adjustments in health practice stimulate the incidence of further research, any theories that are obtained from research function as data to turn out more changes in health practice (McGonigal & Mastrian, 2011). …
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The Use of Evidence Based Practice in Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages In nursing, evidence-based practice calls for the re-evaluation of research for the purpose of improving inadequate practice. In clinical settings, the use of evidence based practice takes into account factor such as the consideration of the need for change, where the research question’s formulation is based on the shortfalls of current health practices (McGonigal & Mastrian, 2011). The use of evidence based practice also takes into account the best existing evidence, understanding it, and integrating it after making the necessary improvement.
Models for implementing evidence based practice in clinical settings
Some models for implementing evidence based practice in clinical settings include the Ottawa model of research use, the Stetler model, and the IOWA model of evidence-based practice.
The Ottawa Model of Evidence Based Research in Nursing
The Ottawa Model of Research Use (OMRU) was first created as an interactive model (Kirchhoff, 2004). The Ottawa Model of Research Use is quite effective in practice contexts and holds that research is a dynamic process that involves interconnected actions as well as decisions being made by different people in relation to each of the theory’s elements. The Ottawa Model of Research has undergone different evaluations, with the most recent including factors such as evidence based innovation, the practice environment, potential adopters, the adoption of innovators, the implementation of interventions, and the results of the execution of innovations. The Stetler-Model The Stetler Model of Research Utilisation is a model that is practice-oriented, and is used mainly as a conceptual and procedural guide for the execution of research outcomes in practice. The theory’s first part consists of the five stages of research utilisation (Stetler, 2003). The theory’s second part has to do with clarifying the existing data as well as options for each stage. The Iowa Model of Research is basically used to enhance the general quality of healthcare, and is a creation of the Quality Assurance Model Using Research (Stetler, 2003). Research utilisation is perceived to be an organisational procedure through which different factors are used to unite the practical implementation of research theories. The IOWA Model The Iowa Model can be used for the purposes of implementing quality healthcare as it provides a framework for medical practitioners to make decisions about the daily practices that impact patient care outcomes (Larrabee, 2009). The Iowa Model encourages health practitioners to generate practice questions, whether as a means to solve an existing concern, or simply to acquire new knowledge. These three models allow for medical practitioners to be able to share important data with others within as well as without a medical organisation; thereby increasing nursing knowledge and encouraging other medical organisations to take on evidence based practices. Three information technology applications in quality management Three information technology applications that are very important in quality management processes in healthcare sectors include electronic health records, bar coding, and the use of the clinical decision support system. Electronic health records were first created to serve as a type of electronically based file cabinet holding various types of information about a medical facility’s patients. Its continued improvement meant that it would further benefit by integrating text, handwritten ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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