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Celebrity Influence on the Community - Research Paper Example

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Celebrity Influence on the Community Name: Institutional affiliation: Celebrity Influence on the Community Introduction Due to their social position and economic status, celebrities have become a great influence on the community. In examining celebrity influence there exists two types of this influence; formal and informal…
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Celebrity Influence on the Community
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"Celebrity Influence on the Community"

Download file to see previous pages Celebrities influence makes the audience to admire their publications and their lifestyle according to Turner (2004). Some community members tend to imitate celebrities due to media influence, peer pressure as well as lack of self confidence. Media invades the society with variety of information about celebrities thus making the society create more interest in celebrities. For instance, Britney spears who was targeted by paparazzi sometimes back was reported in a popular magazine to have married her best friend after an out of control night. Afterwards the wedding turned to a nightmare despite the fact that it was exposed to the public. Therefore the media is said to have played a major part in celebrity influence to the community. Some members of the community are also influenced by celebrities due to their lack of confidence. Some individuals who are shy or lack personality is most cases find pleasure in imitating other people as suggested by Chaturvedi (2008). This way they had up being drawn to the lives of celebrities and try to fit in it. For instance in a movie titled Attracting Peers, a certain character, Mandy Moore acts as a shy high school girl who altered her appearance to that of Madonna. This attitude is in most cases encouraged by teenagers who believe that by imitating the lives of celebrities, makes them more acceptable to the society. Teens as they try to gain popularity, they had up being affected by celebrity influence. Peer pressure has also contributed to celebrity influence in the community. In high school, teenagers tend to copy the lives of their peers who are celebrities themselves. This is because most of the teenagers admire the lives of celebrities due to their fame and interest in fashion as suggested by Redmond and Holmes (2007). Therefore some individuals imitate the celebrities so as to become part of them and they had up being influenced. The various roles played by celebrities in Hollywood, attracts many people in the community to an extent that they admire them and thus imitate their lives. The society has been soaked up in celebrity holiday destinations as they are advertised in newspapers and other media. According to Bowen and Clarke (2009)., a study which was recently contacted by Internet travel community site, Trip Advisor, showed that sixty eight percent of the respondents visited a holiday hotspot which receives a lot of celebrity tourists. The celebrities’ holiday decisions are related with the type of lifestyle choices of many people and their social aspirations. For instance after Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, celebrities in Australia, honeymooned in Bora Bora the number of people visiting the area increased tremendously. There has been a controversy regarding the influence of celebrities in tourist destinations according to Marshall (1997). Some argue that it halts the flow of tourists while others argue that it endorses it. This is because some incredible acts such as immorality associated with celebrities create a negative attitude towards them. According to Choi and Yocam (2010), this results to negative influence to those who perceive celebrities in this perspective. Celebrity influence to the community has also been enhanced by marketing practices whereby companies and organizations use celebrities in marketing their products. This makes individuals in the society aspire to be celebrities so a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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