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PROFITABILITY - GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER CO (GT) Return on Assets Industry Comparison 3.16% Return on Equity Industry Comparison -10.64% Return on Capital Industry Comparison 7.69% MARGIN ANALYSIS - GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER CO (GT) Gross Margin Industry Comparison 18.04% Levered Free Cash Flow Margin Industry Comparison 2.12% EBITDA Margin Industry Comparison 7.50% SG&A Margin Industry Comparison 14.01% ASSET TURNOVER - GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER CO (GT) Total Assets Turnover Industry Comparison 1.3x Accounts Receivables Turnover Industry Comparison 7.2x Fixed Assets Turnover Industry Comparison 3.1x Inventory Turnover Industry Comparison 5.7x CREDIT RATIOS - GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER CO (GT) Current …
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Download file to see previous pages Ratio Industry Comparison 1.5x Quick Ratio Industry Comparison 0.9x LONG-TERM SOLVENCY - GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER CO (GT) Total Debt/Equity Industry Comparison 315.3x Total Liabilities/Total Assets Industry Comparison 90.4x GROWTH OVER PRIOR YEAR - GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER CO (GT) Total Revenue Industry Comparison 15.53% Tangible Book Value Industry Comparison 48.15% EBITDA Industry Comparison 56.89% Gross Profit Industry Comparison 27.36% Receivables Industry Comparison 8.03% Inventory Industry Comparison 21.86% Diluted EPS Before Extra Industry Comparison -42.58% Capital Expenditures Industry Comparison 26.54% Cash From Ops. ...
ble Book Ratio -18.03 Most recent data    5-Year Averages Return on Assets -0.5% Return on Invested Capital -1.4% Gross Profit Margin 20.8% Pre-Tax Profit Margin 0.1% Post-Tax Profit Margin -0.9% Net Profit Margin (Total Operations) -0.4% R&D as a % of Sales 0.0% SG&A as a % of Sales 13.8% Debt/Equity Ratio 5.24 Total Debt/Equity Ratio 5.83 Price Earnings Ratios P/E Ratio 26 Weeks Ago 17.9 12 Month Normalized P/E Ratio 150.1 GT Ratios & Returns Price-to-sales 0.2 Return on Equity 0.0 Operating Margin 7.6 Profit Margin -1.1% More GT Ratios & Returns > GT Financials Sales $18.832 bil Profits $-0.216 bil Assets $15.63 bil Employees 72000.0 ANALYSIS Goodyear is a prestigious company that has dominated the market by producing tire, rubber, and glass products. Recently, the company has recorded profits of $16,302 million at the fiscal year of 2009. This was a disappointing figure considering the fact that the company has a revenue increase of 16% in 2009. The net loss for the company was $375 million, compared to last year which was only around $77 million. Hence, the company’s revenue stream was declined 16% from last year. The company’s financial ratios no doubt indicate that the company is facing tough times. For instance, the net loss in their operations is a drastic $375 million. This type of deficit will not enable the company to thrive in these harsh economic times. Furthermore, the company’s earnings per share is extremely low, which raises the questions for the stockholders. The return on investment capital is -1.4%, which means that the company has low funds to buy fixed assets. The price/tangible book ratio is -18.03, which means the stock is undervalued. The company must need to address this issue immediately in order for the company to be marginal. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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