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HOW TO MAKE STUFF - Research Paper Example

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How to Make Stuff Young makers/ designers can design and manufacture just about anything from a wearable light show to custom bike components. The only boundary that exists between man and an invention is the boundary of imagination, which has an infinite parameter, one which cannot be measured…
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Download file to see previous pages The term DIY itself is a self-explanatory terminology. Many individuals and companies are coming forward and making DIY a commercial venture especially with the advent of internet and modern advertisement techniques. Question # 3 (b) The most important thought that can be observed by the interview in the article is about the documentation of the things made locally on DIY principles. The sole idea of creating new things is that it can be improved by another person. This can only be done if proper videos and documents are present of the original thing. Limor Fried explains that a simple invention can be converted into a complex one when two or three people work on it simultaneously. This can only be done when the information is transferred from one DIY worker to another. To prove her argument, she explained an example about wave shield, which is a self-made audio add-on for the Auduino board. It adds audio quality to the already present audio hardware. Limor explains that this is the first step. Not a long time will be required by someone to convert into a complex machine. Question # 3 (c) The kind of equipment being used by the young generation is very high-tech state of the art which includes microcontrollers and computers. The software which are being used more nowadays are, the ones which help in simulating a scenario. These software include CAD/CAN which help in simulating 3D objects and speculate their properties rather than wasting time and money on making the actual thing physically. This equipment is cheap when compared to the prototype equipment or the ones that were first used in their respective categories. The equipment that I have seen in the article and which is familiar to me is the microcontroller and the lathe machine. I haven’t used the lathe machine but with the proper training, it would not be very difficult. The microcontroller is the one device I have actually used and programmed using PIc device. Question # 3 (d) The article “How to make stuff out of plastic” was picked because there is not a lot of heavy machinery that has to be set up for this kind of a project. Making miniature plastic items, which are scaled down versions of actual size objects, is a very unique and eye-catching theme. If I get the required hardware and software for such project, I will make small decoration pieces, for placing in show cases. A lot of different kinds of cars, buildings and decorative objects can be carved out of plastic using the 3D model technique that has been described in the article. This can be taken up as a hobby as well as small business, selling miniatures online. Question # 3 (e) Arduino Laser Tripwire is the article I have picked. I chose this article because the thought of having a personal security alarm system is a very attractive feat for me, if somebody actually achieves it. I will put this system outside my corridor and wire the alarm or flash light in my room so that if somebody is coming towards my room, I know it before they come. It can be very handy when one is awake and you parents wanted you to sleep. Even before the parents enter the room, one will be tucked up it bed nicely. Question # 3 (f) “Kickstarter” is a website where armature inventors can post about their ideas and request for financial assistance. Eager people find what projects they like and can help the inventors on the financial side ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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