Felix Longoria's Wake: Bereavement, Racism and the Rise of Mexican American Activism by Patrick Carroll - Book Report/Review Example

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The Story of Felix Longoria that Changed the History Patrick Carroll’s book reflects one of the most significant episodes in the history of Texas. Carroll depicts the dawn of Mexican Americans’ open struggle for their rights. Admittedly, being a multinational country the United States faced many issues concerning ethnicity…
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Felix Longorias Wake: Bereavement, Racism and the Rise of Mexican American Activism by Patrick Carroll
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"Felix Longoria's Wake: Bereavement, Racism and the Rise of Mexican American Activism by Patrick Carroll"

Download file to see previous pages More so, Carroll illustrates one of the most undeserving examples of prejudice rule which made people refuse to bury a person who had given his life for this country. The family of the soldier of Mexican origin had to struggle so that he buried as a deserving citizen of the community. Thus, one of the majors of the book was to reveal “the lessons” which “can teach us about our own behavior under similar circumstances.”2 Notably, the book dwells upon the period in American history which was characterized by many changes in the society. Longoria’s wake, for instance, has brought the issue of Mexican Americans’ inequality in the fore. Before the incident Mexican Americans had to accept social and economical oppression. The death of one brave and honored soldier made “whites” understand that Mexican Americans were the part of their community and deserved equal rights. On the other hand, this was the final straw which made Mexican Americans understand that it was time to start their struggle. The death of the private made people unite and acknowledge that prejudice did exist. ...
h attracted the attention of national and international press, divided Longoria’s home state.”3 It goes without saying that such an activity awoke many people from their sweet dreams. Those who never thought of the prejudice but followed established rules could see how wrong they conducted. Dr. Garcia addressed politicians and drew public attention to the issue. The case left the boundaries of the state, Dr. Garcia let the entire nation be aware of the existing prejudice. Eventually, the funeral laid “Felix to rest in a way that redeemed his and their honor.”4 It is important to note that the funeral was of great importance not for Felix Longoria or his family, but for American society which promulgated democratic values, whereas in reality followed disgraceful rules of social, political and economical inequality. It is necessary to point out that depicting the struggle for Longoria’s wake Carroll portrays the struggle for Mexican Americans’ equality. Therefore, Carroll revealed courage of Longoria’s wife and devotion of Dr. Garcia. However, apart from this Carroll also depicted the politicians’ ambitions and desire to advance their political careers at the expense of an ordinary Hispanic family’s grief.5 Perhaps, Lyndon Johnson was one of those politicians, but rather “than operate as an untrustworthy Anglo politician, Johnson would behave like a compassionate friend of South Texas Hispanics.”6 Irrespective of possible mercantile motives of some people, the major aim was achieved and Longoria’s wake became the first step to the equality between Americans and Mexicans Americans. Carroll comes to the conclusion that “linking Mexican Americanism to patriotism through the Longoria incident served as just such an instrument in the group’s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Felix Longoria'S Wake: Bereavement, Racism and the Rise of Mexican Book Report/Review)
“Felix Longoria'S Wake: Bereavement, Racism and the Rise of Mexican Book Report/Review”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/family-consumer-science/1416001-felix-longoriayies-wake-bereavement-racism-and-the.
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