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Mythology Greek Hero Theseus - Research Paper Example

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Name Subject Date Theseus, a Greek hero The legendary tales about Greek heroes, myths- fill up the most ancient or Heroic period of Greek history. It has a plentiful legacy of stories or myths about gods and heroes. Among the last the leading position is kept by Heracles and Theseus…
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Mythology Greek Hero Theseus
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Download file to see previous pages grandfather, Pittheus , king of Troezen, got to know, with the oracle’s help, that authority in the Athens would belong to the Aegeus? descendants , so he had lubricated Aegeus ( who was deemed a childless) and let him to sleep with his daughter, Aethra, who had an intimacy with Poseidon that or the previous night (Graves). Theseus grew up as a fearless and courageous boy. When he had reached the 16-years age, his mother Aethra brought him to the place, where was the stone, under which his father, Aegeus, leaving his wife many years ago, left his things – a sword and sandals. He did so, because he was afraid taking Aethra with him, forasmuch as at the Athens there had been foreshadowed the mine against him by his nephews pretending on his throne. Aethra unveiled her son the secret of his birth and Theseus, taking his father?s things, started out for the Athens. But before this by cutting the strand of his hair he dedicated himself to the Apollo, making a deal with him (Price). It is worth to say it wasn’t the easiest way he had chosen, not by the sea, but overland, through the Corinthian Isthmus. On his way Theseus had met and vanquished many brigands, and each of them he lynched how they did to their victims. English proverb quotes: “A hero is a man who is afraid to run away”, and he never did so. ...
Theseus punished Sinus in the same way, and this act had laid the foundation for the Isthmian games. Then he killed the wild boar of Cromyon. Also Theseus met the Periphetes, son of Hephaestus, who was killing wayfarers with his brazen stick, and the brute Cercyon, making people to fight till death. And, of course, there was Procrustes, also called Damastes, who wanted all the travelers to try on his bed: those, who were tall he was putting on the short bed and cutting their legs off and those, who were short , he was putting on the long bed and stretching. Theseus: (after killing Procrustes): “So you have done to travelers, so shall you endure; you've made your bed, now lie on it”( Graves). Theseus came to the Athens on the eighth day of hetacombeon month as a juvenile hero, victor of the monsters, but till the moment he had been accepted by Aegeus as his son, he had to pass a few tests. According to the one version, Aegeus at first sent him to hunt the Marathon bull, and when Theseus successfully came back, his father offered him a bowl with the poisoned vine, as he has been told by his wife, the witch Medea. But when Theseus drew out his sward to cut meat, Aegeus realized all. He casted down the bowl and banished Medea away (Price). Theseus saved his father and himself of the Palatines, he had made an ambush and blitzed them entirely. But the most well-known myth is about the Theseus And the Minotaur. The king of Crete, Minos, whose son Androgeus was killed during the Marathon in the Athens, every year demanded Aeugeus to send him seven the most beautiful girls and seven boys for the monster Minotaur, half-man and half-bull, born as a result of forbidden love of charmed by Poseidon Minos? wife and the white sacrificial bull. Theseus ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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