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Global Warming is real - Research Paper Example

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27 March 2011. Is global warming real? With the evolution of industrialization and the rapid advancement in the field of science and technology, world has experienced an altogether change. Life has become more and more mechanical over the years, and people have started to solely depend upon machines to accomplish matters of daily life…
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Global Warming is real
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Global Warming is real

Download file to see previous pages... The resulting rise in sea level is causing tsunamis to occur and has also endangered the survival of many animal species on earth. The question that has, in recent years, attracted the attention of scientists all over the world is, if the global warming is on a rise, and if so, to what extent are humans responsible for that? As fossil fuels burn, the carbon they contain gets converted into a greenhouse gas, known as carbon dioxide (CO2). Such greenhouse gases as methane (CH4) and CO2 entrap the sun’s energy into the atmosphere. There has recently been a tremendous emphasis on reduction of the fossil fuels use as they are thought to be the most fundamental cause of increase in global warming. In this paper, the question noted above has been answered with support of scientific studies to show that global warming is a real issue. According to the meteorites’ radioactive dating, it has been 4.6 billion years since the solar system of which earth forms a part has been found. Examination of the minerals preserved in earth and the scientific study of rocks has shown that earth has contained liquid water for 4.3 billion years (Watson and Harrison). Since then, climate of earth has largely remained stable, with occasional freezing in certain areas that have always remained as such. It is the massive increase in the energy drawn from sun that has caused a tremendous increase in the earth’s temperature. According to an estimate, there has been a 30 per cent increase in the energy output on earth from sun since the start of the solar system (Gough). Part of the energy drawn from the sun is reflected and some is retained. Some portion of the energy that gets absorbed in earth radiates back and escapes into the space. It is the energy absorbed minus energy radiated that decides the temperature of earth. Composition of the earth’s atmosphere also plays a decisive role in the increase of temperature. 99 per cent of the gases that atmosphere contains like oxygen and nitrogen are transparent towards the energy drawn from sun. Other gases like CO2 and water vapors tend to reduce the process of radiation of the energy from earth to the space. Therefore, increase in the level of these gases obviously increases the temperature of earth and contributes to the global warming. Of the two gases, it is the CO2 that concerns scientists the most because the water vapors in atmosphere remain constant in amount as compared to the CO2. Now, if the CO2 level in the atmosphere is increasing, global warming is then indeed, a real issue! The biggest source of CO2 is the fossil fuels. In addition to that, decomposition of materials and burning of wood also causes a considerable increase in the content of CO2 in the atmosphere. The rapid industrialization that has occurred in the recent centuries has caused a manifold increase in the CO2 level in the atmosphere. The reason why the resulting increase in the earth’s temperature is an issue is that this directly affects the ecosystem prevailing on earth. If the CO2 level continues to increase at the present rate, earth will soon become inhabitable for almost all species including humans, and life on earth will extinguish. The following text examines what recent studies have said about the CO2 levels in the atmosphere. (Deem) has shown the rate of annual increase in the C ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Global warming
The fluctuations in the global temperatures occur naturally. However, has been it is realized that the average global temperatures are increasing at a higher rate. Simpson (2008) notes that for 10 years since 1990, the hottest years to be recorded occurred.
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Global warming is it real or not
The earth’s atmosphere contains these trace gases whose purpose is to prevent some of the heat of the sun to escape into the atmosphere when it is reflected by the Earth. This helps maintaining a certain degree of acceptable temperature on the Earth. When these gases rise in concentration, they start absorbing sun’s heat which results in rise in temperature to an unacceptable degree.
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Reasearch Report on Global Warming - Myth or Reality
More often than not, the concept and meaning of global warming are taken for granted. Simultaneously, more scientists and researchers question the validity of global warming theories and assumptions. That the climate is changing has been abundantly established: the current body of literature provides compelling evidence that the planet is undergoing a serious climate shift.
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Global Warming
For the last 20 million years, research has it that burning of fuels has tremendously given rise to high carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere. A recent report by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change shows that there is a vivid evidence for 0.6 degrees Celsius increase in global temperatures and about 20cm rise in the general sea level.
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Global Warming
From my research, I have concluded that Global warming is anthropogenic, and does affects us in a negative way. Therefore, it is imperative that we must do whatever is takes to stop it. I shall be discussing various issues that have emerged regarding global warming, including its legal, emotional as well as controversial impacts.
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Environmental Studies - Global Warming
Inventions and technological advancements have been taking place over the period of time that has taken man from the primitive phase to the modernized technological phase. There has been a drastic improvement in our way of living because of the advancement of science and technology.
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Politicians are taking it as a way of winning votes in their respective countries worldwide by staging campaign crusades to talk about it. At the end of the day, these people are the same fueling the process since they own leading companies, which emit dangerous gasses every day, but they will never talk about it during their campaigns.
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Global Warming is real
[Your full name] [Instructor’s name] [Course name and code] January 31, 2013 Argument Essay- “Global Warming is real” Global warming is the condition in which the temperature of the Earth rises due to the trapping of sun’s light and heat by greenhouse gases, which include carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane and water vapors.
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The topic ‘Global Warming’ in itself is creating a lot of controversy at nowadays. The controversy is regarding to the concept of global warming, whether it is myth or reality. Actually global warming is real and some people are not ready to accept that the temperature of earth is increasing.
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Global Warming
According to scientist, this rise of surface temperature is primarily due to increase in concentration of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide emissions. Moreover, these emissions are as a result of human activities, such as;
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