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Vince Foster was Murdered - Research Paper Example

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Investigating Vince Foster’s Investigations: Murder or Suicide? Introduction On the 20th of July, 1993, the body of Vince Foster was found lying at the Fort Marcy Park in Northern Virginia. As to how he died, it remained a mystery for some. Despite the “plain and simple” truth that Foster committed a suicide, the “events” that occurred prior to his death were and probably are hardly definable or determinable…
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Vince Foster was Murdered
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Download file to see previous pages This paper explores the controversy of Foster’s death, of whether he was murdered or not. It also examines the investigations done by several institutions in deciphering the truth of Foster’s death. On Murder Burnett gives two major scenarios on the death of Foster: (1) murder sponsored by the Clintons; and (2) murder committed by a foreign secret service spy. First, the Clintons had ordered the killing, in a clandestine fashion, of Foster for the reason of stopping him to reveal “damaging information he held with respect to the Clintons” (Burnett 162). Before his death, it must be noted that the victim (i.e., Foster) was a deputy officer to the White House counsel under Bill Clinton’s administration. That is to say, the victim had direct and immediate accessed to the data or information pertaining to the activities of the Clintons -- activities that were associated to Travelgate and other alleged scandals. Moreover, the U.S. Congress had invited Foster to testify concerning the scandals connected to the president in question. Thence, the Clintons deemed it fitting to murder Foster. Second, a foreign secret service murdered the said victim for the reason that Foster was “some kind of super-spy” (Burnett 162). ...
Hamilton inquires concerning the motive of the Clintons as to why they had removed files, shortly after Foster’s death, from the “dead man’s office” (150). Such move -- what Glad calls the “handling of papers” (861) -- by the Clintons had generated many and various speculations about the death of Foster. It seemed that the powers-that-be had attempted to cover -- Grossman and Yalof have questioned the covering up made by the Clintons concerning Foster’s alleged suicide -- several data or information under the possession of their deputy officer in order to escape court trial and punishment. Further, Ruddy had raised three major “evidences” that showed the inconsistency and incompleteness of the findings based from official investigations pertaining to Foster’s death (qtd. in Moldea 158): First, there was no gunfire heard at the park during the time-period of the victim’s death. People or “witnesses” who were present in Fort Marcy Park were unable to hear any gunshot at the time of Foster’s alleged suicide. Second, the victim’s family had failed to identify the gun which was found in Foster’s hand. Upon seeing the gun in question, the victim’s wife was unable to determine whether or not the said weapon was Foster’s. Third, the official investigation did not consider “Foster’s time from 1 PM” up to the time that his body was found. Such official investigation seemed only to account the limited “time” from the period of Foster’s death. On Suicide Greenberg notes that there were five investigations done extensively from 1993 until 1997 which center on probing the death of Foster. In contrast to Robert Fiske’s, the investigation or probe headed by Kenneth Starr was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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