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Personality Approach - Research Paper Example

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Understanding Schizophrenia from the Biological Approach to Personality. Submitted By: Institute: Schizophrenia Schizophrenia is the name given to a group of psychoses marked by distortion of thought, perception and mood expressed via bizarre behavior or social withdrawal (Alloy & Jacobson, 1999)…
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Personality Approach Paper
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"Personality Approach"

Download file to see previous pages Symptoms of schizophrenia as per the DSM IV include: delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, catatonic behavior and negative symptoms like affective flattening (DSM IV). Schizophrenia is a complex disorder. Patients suffering from schizophrenia lead chaotic lives, with little or no contact with reality. The biological approach The biological approach to psychology believes that behavior has some biological roots and part of human behavior is predetermined biologically. The supporters of biological approach claim that the functioning of a living organism can be explained and treated on basis of its biological structure and bio chemical composition (Weiten, 2007). Nature versus nurture has been an ancient debate among psychologists. The biological approach suggests that nature has a stronger role than nurture; which implies that behavior is determined by genes. With the decline of behaviorism, the belief that our environment can change us into anything is dying out and the biological approach is meeting greater acceptance. The biological approach offers a threefold explanation of personality. First is the one by Eysenck, which maintains that individual differences in behavior of humans are based on physiological variations. Second explanation of personality as per the biological approach is that of temperaments. ...
According to this view point, humans inherit behavioral traits from their ancestors and therefore react to situations like their ancestors did (Burger, 2008). Biological approach to schizophrenia Several twin and adoption studies have revealed genetic ties of schizophrenia. Twin studies are common in biopsychology since in case of twins who are not separated, the environment is usually the same, therefore any discrepancy among behavior of twins (especially monozygotic ones) can be attributed to genes (Burger, 2008). According to Gottesman (1991), cited in Myers (1992), adoption studies have confirmed a genetic link in schizophrenia. This is in accordance with Eysenck’s idea that the genetic makeup of humans actually determines the behavior. Etiology of schizophrenia other than ‘genetic’ includes hormonal imbalances in the brain and structural and biochemical abnormalities of brain. The Dopamine hypothesis has gained quite a lot of popularity in this regard. It posits that schizophrenia is related to excess activity of neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain. According to Andreasen and colleagues (1994), patients with schizophrenia have larger Cerebrospinal Fluid volumes as compared to healthy persons. The same findings were also confirmed by Staal and colleagues (2000). Schizophrenia runs in families and can be inherited (Alloy & Jacobson, 1999). This is in line with the evolutionary theory of personality as discussed in the previous section. Treating schizophrenia: the biological approach The biological approach offers various ways of treating Schizophrenia. Each one is discussed as follows: Anti Psychotic Drugs The most common and basic treatment for schizophrenia is via anti psychotic drugs. These are medications from a psycho active group and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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