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Leadership effectiveness/job satisfaction - Research Paper Example

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Leadership Effectiveness and Job Satisfaction Today’s corporate work environment has a strong demand for effective leadership that is able to inspire the workforce to move in the right direction of the mission of the organization. Regardless of the industry, effective leadership has a very critical role in establishing a team that brings out high performance…
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Leadership effectiveness/job satisfaction
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"Leadership effectiveness/job satisfaction"

Download file to see previous pages From an employee perspective, job satisfaction has become immensely important as it directly influences many different factors such as employee retention, attrition rates and indirectly influences the contribution to work and productivity. Moreover, employees have a very good choice in front of them and there are chances that they may look for alternate options if they do not get good job satisfaction. Over the past decade, job satisfaction has become very important from the perspective of both the organization as well as the employees. Job satisfaction has two elements associated with it, intrinsic satisfaction as well as extrinsic satisfaction (Weiss, England, & Lofquist, 1967). The aspects of work related challenge, achievement, recognition and ability utilization constitute intrinsic job satisfaction. Extrinsic job satisfaction consists of company policies, company ethics, compensation, benefits, and supervision that are related to the individual attitude towards the work environment (Santana & Robey, 1994). Out of these extrinsic as well as intrinsic factors, work related challenge, recognition, achievement, ability utilization and supervision are directly related to the leadership environment. Hence, one of the key elements that would result in the employees feeling satisfied with their job is the kind of leadership they encounter in their work environment. As with the dynamic work environment, leadership has gone ahead and taken new dimensions that before. An effective leader or manager is no longer just expected to manage the team, but has to demonstrate flexibility, create a good working environment for the staff, develop the team and prove by example. Hence, effective leadership has become extremely critical for any organization to move in the right direction. This study explores the relationship between effective leadership and job satisfaction. It also looks at the various trends in the industry and the theories associated with it. In addition, it also looks at an organization that has increased the job satisfaction my means of effective leadership. Theories of Leadership and Job Satisfaction Before exploring the detailed relationship between Leadership and Job Satisfaction, it is necessary to understand what these terms mean and what different dimensions these terms have in the modern scenario. In recent times, any discussion related to leadership mostly focuses on two main types of leadership – transactional leadership and transformational leadership. Transactional leadership generally is based on leader dominance and the others follow the path set by the leaders in a very straightforward manner. In this type of leadership, compliance ensures rewards and failure to comply leads to negative or punitive action Schermerhorn et al., (2000). However, this method of leadership is losing its popularity in the modern corporate environment because it does not place enough importance on the employees and is solely left to the discretion of the leader. In today’s work environment, the focus is on the way in which employees and leaders collaborate effectively to achieve the mission or the goal. Hence, most organizations have taken the direction towards transformational leadership. Transformational leadership is a way of leadership where the leaders work effectively to change or alter the behaviour of their employees and inspire them to do develop individuality and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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