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Transport - Assignment Example

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Listening, Reading and Vocabulary Log Worksheet Topic: Transport Sources: Transport Importance of transport in India, 2011, viewed 17 March, 2011, Nath K, 2010, Importance of transport in India, Minister of Road Transport and Highways, India at A/C 2010, viewed 17 March, 2011, …
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Download file to see previous pages I also realised that transport enables us to move from one point to another and this increased my interest in this particular subject such that I decided to watch a video and read an article about the importance of transport. 2 What was it about? The video is about the Minister of Transport in India explaining the big project about upgrading the transport system that is currently underway. The Minister also explains the importance of transport in the growth and development of the economy as well as human welfare. The chosen article is also about the importance of transport and describes different modes of transport that are available in India. 3 Did you read or listen first? Why? Do you think the order you chose helped you or not? How many times did you need to read & listen before you felt confident about understanding the topic and vocabulary? How do you feel about this topic, e.g. positive or negative feelings? Do you agree/disagree with the ideas?” I listened and watched the video once then read the article. After reading the article, I then listened to the video clip again. I repeated this process because I wanted to grasp the meaning of the article and what it was about. I realised that the vocabulary used in the article and the video was simple to understand since I did not discover any new word. After my second listening to the video and second reading of the article, I felt very confident about understanding the topic and the vocabulary as well. I developed positive feelings about this particular topic given that transport affects our daily lives in one way or the other. We need to move from different places to another and our daily needs such as food are delivered to us by transport so it is very important in our lives. I totally agree with the ideas raised in the article and the video clip. 4 Did you learn anything new from this reading & listening? What? I learnt that pipeline can also be classified as transport from the reading and listening activity to the video. Pipelines are used to transport petroleum and gas to different places and this is a convenient way of moving products in the form of liquid or gas. 5 Was this topic connected in any way to your future studies and if so, how do you think you can find out more about it? I do not think that the topic is connected to my future studies though it is very important in our daily lives. 6 What was easy/ difficult about it? The topic was very easy to understand because the author of the article used short and simple words which were very clear. The video was also clearly presented and I could understand all the ideas that were discussed by the presenters of this clip. I imagined seeing a well connected network of transport making it possible to move to any part of the country you can think of using different modes of transport. Since we use transport every day, there was nothing new in this article as well as the video. 7 Which was the more challenging aspect, the reading, or the listening? Why? Nothing was so challenging in reading the article as well as watching the video. Both were presented in simple and clear terms that were easy to understand. The article gave more details as well as explanations of different modes of transport as well as their advantages and disadvantages. The articles also outlined all the factors that make transport important ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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