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Your complete name Submission date External Trade in Cyprus during Late Bronze Age Cyprus is an ancient island with a great history. It is surrounded by Egypt from south, Aegean from west, Mesopotamia and Persia from the east…
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External trade in cyprus during late bronze age
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Download file to see previous pages External trade of Cyprus included export and import to and from its neighbouring countries, such as; Egypt, Anatolia, Syria, Levant and Palestine. These trading ties caused the island to have a substantial influence in the region. Foreign trades and resulting ties with the neighbouring countries made Cypriot economy quite significant during the Late Bronze Age. Development of these external relations at different phases will be investigated in a brief manner. This investigation includes the effect of migration and subsequently the transfer of Mycenaean skills, pottery making with the variety of styles and industry of ship manufacturing. Exported potteries and the underlying low quality limited its use to only ointment and oil containers. The paper discusses foreign trade of Cyprus, resulting relations with the trading partners, and its economic, social, and cultural impacts on Cyprus. Cyprus Role in Trading during the Late Bronze Age During the Late Bronze Age, Cyprus had been one of the most significant locations in the Mediterranean trade route; however, it couldn’t compete in popularity with its adjacent wealthier countries. There are several reasons for lacking importance, such as, insufficient information about Cyprus due to the fact that it was not mentioned enough in the written records about Late Bronze Age, and that it was geographically separated from other important nations. Major way of learning about the condition of Cyprus in late Bronze Age is to investigate its foreign relations through the archaeological remains and written texts from that era. Archaeological and textual evidence provide great insight when it comes to investigate and comprehend about the foreign trade in Cyprus during late Bronze Age.1Knapp explains and demonstrates the existence of politico-economic elites in Cyprus during Middle and Late Bronze Age through evidence (qtd. in Knapp 151). Amarna letters of Alashiya suggest that Cyprus had become an influential and affluent kingdom at least by the 14th century BC. Ruler of the time considered himself on an equal level with Egyptian Pharaoh. This perception may link to the use of salutation, ‘my brother’.2 Cypriot rulers used state agents (called tamkar) in order to carry out foreign trade on massive level. Cyprus Exports Due to disintegration in the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean, Cypriot economy started to become recognized throughout the eastern Mediterranean and export of goods started. Particularly, this recognition boosted the copper production and trade. On Cyprus, ethnic elements of Aegean and Levantine were combined with Cypriot population. Moreover, the capabilities of industrial work started mounting.3 Copper According to the information from textual evidences from Late Bronze Age Cyprus, copper was the central and most exported item from the island during 13th and 14th century B.C. One of the countries that imported the Cypriot copper was Egypt. Moreover, referring to the beliefs in Egyptian texts, such as Amarna letters, Karageorghis (1975) highlights the presence of several mining areas in Cyprus, such as, Troodos foothills in Enkomi. Copper was exported as a major item to mould into weapons during battles while most weapons were made in Aegean. In addition, Cyprus (Enkomi) had huge supply of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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