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Topic:  Footlocker-mkt304 1)Description of the product Footlocker is a well known American retail company, which deals in sports apparels for men and women. As per (NBA,2007)“Footlocker enjoys extensive recognition in its market most especially from its core customers that are between 12-20 years old…
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Download file to see previous pages In fact, for many of them it is seen as an opportunity to become popular and more attractive” (McGinty,2009). The major attraction of Footlocker is their shoes which are from renowned companies like Reebok, Addidas, Nike and Jordan. They also sell clothing of these brands which are a big hype among teenagers and also they demand it due to the goodwill these brands have on a global basis. 2) Product’s features The sports apparels sold by footlocker are of Nike, Adidas and Jordan who are pioneers of sports wear and equipments. The features of these sport wear and equipments are that they are unique and distinct from other sports brands. The shoes are light weighted and has sleek look and has an excellent appeal when worn. The top seller of the company is the Nike Zoom Kobe VI for men. According to (Footlocker, 2011),“The Nike Zoom Kobe VI is the latest evolution of basketball footwear. Moldable upper with new Fly wire construction creates a dynamic, lightweight fit with an Achilles notch for greater comfort”. Since the teenagers are excited by the look of the products, the company offers them what they really desire for. Teenager and adults look for the branded products which match the celebrity fashion and these products are used by fashion icons. The shoes and accessories sold by them come in vibrant colors and style which catch attention of any teenager. Clothing, shoes and accessories have versatility, long lasting quality and signature brand mark on them. 3) Product’s benefits The products provided by Footlocker are shoes and clothing and other sport accessories which gives utmost comfort and security to its customer. Sneakers and clothing sold by this retailer is from Nike and Adidas, who are the pioneer in sports apparels. “Both Nike and Adidas are well known sportswear firms that have become household names of sorts throughout many parts of the world. The undisputed giants of the sportswear and sports equipment industries, consumers can generally expect quality products from the two brands” (reComparison 2010). The young generation is the targeted customers of footlockers and theses group demand branded products which have name and fame and have high durability. The young children and teenagers are impulsive buyers and the company targets them as they make decision in a short span of time. The brands sold by the company have a huge advertising campaign and creates a significant impact on young generations mind as to their fame and quality. “The teenagers spend most of the money on themselves immediately. Teenagers have also found to be more brand loyal that adults”(Michman,2003,pg.144). So footlocker as a retailer, take advantage of this fact and focus them to market their branded sport products. 4) Product’s branding Foot locker offers shoes and clothing of Nike, Adidas and Jordan not only has goodwill but also give comfort, durability and lasting effect which other products cannot offer. The company’s target customers who are teenagers and adults in early 20’s look for products which are renowned and also match their style quotient. For example Adidas is well known for their style factor apart from durability and good will. In his book (Dunne,2007,pg.57)states that, “The foot locker has found success by concentrating on a very narrow segment of shoe market but offering a very large selection”. They have good selection of sports shoes, clothing and sports accessories ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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