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Disney 1. The fact that partially forced Disney to create brand awareness in different markets basically in China happens to be very interesting and unique in nature. First, the Chinese customers surprisingly were found to have a preference for tour packages with dining tabs which of course was a result of tour operator’s steering and therefore, made Disney launch dining tabs as per the demand…
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Case study - international marketing
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"Case study - international marketing"

Download file to see previous pages 2. For any emerging market, the best strategy often applied is the localization of products or services offered as because it makes the product line and the brand more acceptable to the customers. For the case of Disney, this strategy has proved to be winning in not only the mass markets of China, but in the Indian markets as well and as well as in many others. 3. The global market today comprises mostly of youth that the movie tends to attract, as well as the outstanding promotions adapted like karaoke style. Also releasing it in different local languages made the movie a block buster in the global market. Conclusively, the movie had all that is demanded from clear cut drama to top class music which made the packaging of the product (movie) a victorious release (Johnson, 2007). Whirlpool 1. Previously, the product strategies adapted by Whirlpool was mostly focused on the extension factor rather than the adaptation factor. Whirlpool has recently invested hundreds of millions of dollars to develop new extensions in their product-line. However with time and market saturation, Whirlpool realized that to have an effective product line according to local markets where the product had to be localized, adapting both the strategies is needful according to the market situations worldwide. In the near future the company shall be focusing more on adaptation strategy in maintaining its competency in the global markets rather than introducing extensions in its product line (Whirlpool Corporation, n.d.). Notably, the strategy adapted in case of China was called as ‘T4’ by Whirlpool. 2. The reasons for buyers to opt for Whirlpool products are mostly because people find it more time saving than manual work to use these appliances as well as it involves lesser effort and energy. Additionally, people today are going for these kinds of appliances as they reflect the status of customer in many markets. 3. Whirlpool emphasizing largely on market research has been able to design their product according to the preference of the consumer in their global markets. This was proved at the redesigning fact of washing machine in China and Brazil which includes different specifications. Besides this, Whirlpool correctly believes that the products have to be altered according to consumer preferences which could only be found by conducting primary market research and analyzing secondary research data. Whirlpool has used secondary data to analyze the fact that Brazilians will be able to pay for even their cheapest appliance owing to their monthly income. This lead Whirlpool to design another appliance which was according to the demographics of the market but then again, this wasn’t the consumers’ actual concern. Therefore, the new product included consumer specific features which were found through focus groups and primary research. Whirlpool conducts both ethnographic and anthropological research work at the initial stage of a product which helps in developing the product as per the need of customers and get aware of the opportunities in the given market (DesignCouncil, n.d.). 4. One important lesson that Whirlpool learned in the market of China and other is that the local market overview is as important as the international overview. Besides this, before venturing on with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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