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Should students be assigned to classrooms according to their IQ level why or why not - Research Paper Example

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Placement of Students in Classrooms According to Their IQ Level Clarisse Kehou PSY 320 Dr. Ates 12th March 2011 Placement of Students in Classrooms According to Their IQ Level Child prodigies are not a new phenomenon. For centuries, if not millennia, extraordinarily intelligent children have been mentored exclusively or with more personal attention offered to them by their teachers…
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Should students be assigned to classrooms according to their IQ level why or why not
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"Should students be assigned to classrooms according to their IQ level why or why not"

Download file to see previous pages One such issue is whether children should be placed in classrooms based on their age alone, or should their IQ also weigh in as well. There are various ways through which children with higher IQs are catered to in various educational institutions. Some techniques entail placing the “gifted” children in the same class as their peers, with specialized activities being created for them, different from those of the rest of the class. Still others involve having the gifted children take special classes after school hours, for instance private tutoring. There are certain schools that provide separate classrooms for gifted students altogether, whereas there are institutes that only cater to gifted children. This paper discusses the technique that advocates providing separate classrooms for children based on their IQ. ...
Children with higher IQs tend to get bored in regular classrooms, where they are forced to hold back their intelligence, so to speak. This results in them not achieving their full potential. On the same note, children with average IQs, when placed with gifted children, will also experience frustration and confusion. Such feelings can often result in children either lashing out or withdrawing within their own selves. What is more, with the present public school system geared towards improving the standards of the average or deficient/lacking children, the needs of gifted children are often ignored. Assigning gifted children to separate classrooms enables them to challenge themselves and cause them to utilize their maximum potential, something not possible in a regular classroom. Placing such children in regular classrooms may even cause disruption as the gifted child, out of boredom or frustration, may cause distractions in class, thus disturbing the learning of other students. The proponents opine that as gifted children are lesser in number, therefore, in a bid to “fit in” they may end up playing down their intelligence, whether for the teachers or for their classmates. It is a normal phenomenon in a classroom that the teachers often do not call out children who they think would already know the answer, instead focusing on the average or lacking students. All these factors may cause the children to drop out of school altogether (Cloud, Badowski, Rubiner, & Scully, 2004). Once again, students at both ends of the spectrum will benefit greatly from being assigned to classrooms based on their IQ level. On the other hand, the opponents state that the system of measuring IQ, first of all, is not an exact science and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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