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Lost and found:treasures of afghanistan - Research Paper Example

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Lost and Found: Treasures of Afghanistan Afghanistan is one country that has borne the brunt of attacks from many nations. It has been hit because of terrorist activities and extremist forces. Afghanistan is a country which has been wounded many times and this is all because of the Afghan policy…
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Lost and found:treasures of afghanistan
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"Lost and found:treasures of afghanistan"

Download file to see previous pages Afghanistan is a war ravaged country because there have been allied forces of United States which have entered into its boundaries. It is a sad event that has made the entire Afghanistan look like a very horrid state (Margolis 2000). Afghanistan has been given a hard time by the opponents, which have made life miserable for the poor Afghans. This is because they have always raised their voice for peace and sanity within Afghanistan but this has not happened on one context or the other. It is a very sad state of affairs as far as Afghanistan is concerned (Hassan 2010). These happenings have made Afghanistan a very destructive nation in the world and people view Afghanistan as a state which means absolute destruction. People see this country as being an area which is demolished from everywhere, where people do not know what to do, and how to make their day to day living. The government within Afghanistan is such that it does not guarantee resources for its own people. They do not know how they will make their living and what they need to do to move forward in life. There is a lot of negative perception existing within Afghanistan, which means that this state has failed without a doubt. Even though Afghanistan is a land-locked country, it is rich in a number of fruits, handicrafts, and energy and mining sector. One must know that Afghanistan is one country which has rich reserves and it is a nation that has richness within it. Many ethnic groups are living within Afghanistan and it is undoubtedly a multiethnic society. There is health and education related problems which have brought about problems for the people of Afghanistan and this has existed for a number of years now (Biddle 2002). This is a sad reality that a nation with such cultural wealth has been suffering on different occasions from time to time. This country has lost a lot in the war against terror which started just after 2001. The US-led allied forces gave a tough time to the Afghans who were left scattered in different parts of the country. There was a lot of bombing in different regions of Afghanistan which basically destructed the entire country. This is a fact that the country is still facing the results of the war against terror even though 10 years have passed now. However signs of recovery are now coming back towards the land of Afghanistan. Even though Afghanistan has been hit badly by the war on terror, there have been instances that have meant positive hope for the Afghans. This means that Afghanistan has been able to shape up values so that the negative perceptions are removed from the minds of the Afghans. What is important to know here is the fact that Afghanistan shall be a country which will see progress happening within it but this can only happen when there are efforts made by the people who live within it. They must see this change coming from the top which means that the role of the government should be done in the right manner (Mertz 2001). If the government plays its role in a good way, the people will receive the positive results in the coming years. However if the government does not do things in a timely fashion, and if there are issues which are not taken care of, then this would mean that Afghanistan will continue to suffer in the coming times and its people would see no progress at all within the country in the long term. Afghanistan has a number of treasures within it that can be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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