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Aviation History in Qatar - Research Paper Example

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Aviation history of QATAR: Aviation history of Qatar Outline 1. Introduction: 2. Qatar airways 3. Company Affairs 4. Performance 5. Conclusion 1. Introduction: Qatar Airways, which was established on 22nd November, 1993, one of the most established company among all the other huge airline companies are concerned…
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Aviation History in Qatar
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"Aviation History in Qatar"

Download file to see previous pages Currently, Qatar Airways has shown flying colors in the aviation industry and it is competing equally with the other well established airline companies. Skytrax has given Qatar Airways a five–star rating, which is also possessed by airline companies like Kingfisher Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Malaysia Airlines. The headquarters of Qatar Airways is in Doha. Qatar Airways link almost hundred international destinations from its base place at Doha, using a fleet of ninety six aircrafts. During 2010, Qatar Airways has launched nine new destinations like Tokyo, Sau Paulo, Phuket, Nice, Hanoi, Copenhagen, Ankara, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Bangalore. In the pipeline, were other destinations like Aleppo, Bucharest, Budapest, Brussels, Oslo, Montreal and Stuttgart. (Projects Middle East. (Oct. 2008). 2. Qatar Airways Qatar Airways has provided a very suitable environment for the Middle East business aviation market to flourish. Ali Al Naqbi, who is the founding chairman of the Middle East Business Aviation Association, has given extra importance to Qatar’s strategic importance to the charter jet market. Ali Al Naqbi majorly focused on the growth potential of Qatar so as to capitalize on it in order to bring about a huge development in the international aviation market. He predicted that by the year 2012, there will be a massive growth in the Middle East aviation sector where its worth will be near to one dollar billion and the yearly growth rate will be by fifteen to twenty percent. Ali Al Naqbi was very optimistic about his view and prediction as the growth in the aviation market was new in the region. He believed that a new era will begin with the growth and progress of the aviation business entity. The aviation business has covered almost forty percent of the Middle East aerospace market within about four years. Ali Al Naqbi believed that the significant gains from the aviation market will attract Qatar to join his founding organization, that is, Middle East Business Aviation Association, and serve them for further betterment in the future. But being excited on one side, he was also quite aware of the global financial crisis. He knew it very well that one day or the other, in some way, the growth in the aviation sector will be hampered due to a fall in the global financial sector. (Qatar Airways, 2010) Qatar has its own well flourished natural gas industry which acts as a catalyst to spur interest in the aviation market in order to bring in more demand. Moreover, Ali Al Naqbi reiterated that Qatar has a lot to contribute in the expansion of the aviation sector and this has encouraged the local companies to a huge extent to join the Middle East Business Aviation Association. (Qatar Airways, 2010) The services of Qatar Airways have expanded its service to Africa, Europe, Central Asia, Middle East, North America and South America. It is one of the fastest growing industries of airlines in the world. The industry consisted of fifteen thousand employees among which ten thousand employees work for the industry directly and the other five thousand employees work in the industry subsidiaries. (Qatar Airways, 2010) Qatar Airways have tried to serve all sort of satisfaction to its passengers, thereby making every ride for the passengers very comfortable. Those who want to travel in the A330 and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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