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Choose one of the 19th century historical figures of the American Civil War - Research Paper Example

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Harriet Beecher Stowe Name Class Section Number Harriet Beecher Stowe It was God’s will that this nation - the North as well as the South - should deeply and terribly suffer for the sin of consenting to and encouraging the great oppressions of the South; that the ill-gotten wealth, which had arisen from striking hands with oppression and robbery, should be paid back in the taxes of war; that the blood of the poor slaves, that had cried so many years from the ground in vain, should be answered by the blood of the sons from the best hearthstones through all the free states; that the slave mothers, whose tears nobody regarded, should have with them a great company of weepers, North and South -…
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Choose one of the 19th century historical figures of the American Civil War
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Download file to see previous pages Harriet Beecher Stowe stated clearly that she believed that the horrors that were experienced during the American Civil War were defined by a type of justice that was afflicted upon those who had owned slaves the same kind of terrible conditions that slaves had suffered under their master’s ownership. The condition of legalized slavery was intolerable to Stowe who wrote about her point of view on the subject in her book Uncle Tom’s Cabin. The work was used to ignite a passion for the abolitionist movement, a source for relating to the inhumane treatment that was experienced by those who were subjected to the slavery of the South. Stowe came out of obscurity to write a story that could provide a framework for the slavery experience, a tale that expressed to the Caucasian public a point of view that had not been considered by many. Through the power of her beliefs about the wrong of slavery, Stowe participated in motivating the public into action against the terrible conditions that had allowed one culture to put another into ownership and slavery. Stowe was born on June 11, 1811 and died on July 1 1896 having written her seminal work, Uncle Tom’s Cabin and published it after she turned 40 in the year 1851. She was born Harriet Elizabeth Beecher and was the daughter of a famous minister, Lyman Beecher with her sister being growing to be a famous educator, Catherine Beecher. She married Calvin Stowe in 1836 and bore seven children, one of which died at a very young age from cholera (Claire Parfait, The Publishing History of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, 7-8). Stowe was originally a teacher, writing her first book which was a text book, Primary Geography for Children, in 1833. She became part of a writing group, Semi-Colon, in Cincinnati and used the forum to submit her writings in order to improve her skills. In 1834 her work began to appear in a Cincinnatti weekly paper called Chronicle. She also wrote for the Western Monthly and The Evangelist, a religious magazine out of New York. While she wrote because she loved the experience of writing, she made a small income that supplemented that of her husbands. When in 1837 her husband’s salary was cut due to a financial crisis, she began to work to increase her income through devoting herself to becoming a professional writer (Parfait, The Publishing History, 9). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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