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Issues on Airport Security - Essay Example

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Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 2.7.2. Investments In Equipments And Technologies 2 The human factor problem of the airport security cannot be completely addressed by the presence of machines alone no matter how expensive or reliable they claim to be…
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Issues on Airport Security
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Download file to see previous pages However, the human element posits a problem. 4 2.7.3. Screeners’ Performance Problems 4 2.7.2. Investments In Equipments And Technologies Despite the screening procedures in place, there are still some cases where tragedies occurred because there were opportunities, which allowed some passengers to carry weapons or other items that may be used as a tool for hijacking the plane. Thus, various checkpoints and screenings were set up to deny such opportunity to present itself. Using a metal detector, travellers are screened quickly. Some airports invested in more advanced explosive detection machines such as X-ray machines and Puffer Machines. These machines are used for both carry on and checked baggage. A technology of gas chromatography to detect compounds given off from explosives is also being utilized. There are also machines developed to scan for hidden weapons and explosives on passengers. Such devices, on the other hand, use Compton scattering and necessitates passengers to stand flat on a panel in order to produce a high-resolution image. Moreover, Israel introduced a technology in 2008 that will allow travellers to pass through metal detectors without having to take off their shoes. Shoes are often removed because walk-though gate detectors are not reliable enough in detecting metals on the lower parts of the body whereas this technology will allow security officials as well as passengers to do away with such inconvenience since the machine can detect in less than two seconds metals as small as a razor blade (Dillingham, 2000). In general, passengers are screened through airport security into the concourses located at the exit gates that is often referred to as the secure or sterile area. Travellers are discharged into the sterile area so that they will not be subjected to the same security checks they already went through before the flight; however, they may still be subjected to such checks whenever deemed necessary. Not only are the aircrafts adjusting but also the whole airport, including the business establishments in it such as the restaurants and other eateries. Eating establishments discontinued the use of glasses and utensils made of glass and substituted its plastic alternatives to decrease the probability that these will be used as a deadly weapon (GAO, 2004). In the United States, the concourses are usually open for non-passengers who want to welcome relatives and friends on their arrival. However, due to heightened terror threats and activities, such is no longer allowed. It is now required that non-passengers secure a gate pass so that they can enter into the secure area of the airport. The most accepted valid reasons for securing a gate pass is for the purpose assisting children or attending a business meeting in the secure area since businesspersons would opt to hold it there for safety. For such business meetings in the secure area, a 24-hour notice is required in the case of the United States (GAO, 2004). In other countries, non-passengers are not yet prohibited to access the secure area. In Australia, non-passengers are also subjected to the similar security checks to those of the passengers. However, there are sensitive information that is not released for public viewing such as information on the sensitive areas of the airports, airport ramps and operational spaces. These areas called the Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) are the spaces, which require special qualifications before being entered upon (GAO, 2004) The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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