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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Ground Support Equipment Business Proposal - Essay Example

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Ground Support Equipment
Airline industry and the United States military follow all rules and regulation in accordance with the Federal Aviation Administration and local standard operating procedures…
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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Ground Support Equipment Business Proposal
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Download file to see previous pages Unmanned Aerial Vehicle supports both war missions. Mission success depends on the airworthiness of the aircraft. Every aircraft are suspected of structural degradation throughout its lifetime. Maintainers of the aircraft require equipment that has already been tested and safe for use. The second part of our business will focus on providing replacement parts for the ground support equipment. Ground support equipment is required to safely handle aircraft parts. Nine out of ten aircraft parts will be transported from the hangar to the field. Ground support equipment will provide that ease. Mission Statement Our mission is to build, create and implement a safety program that would meet our aviation communities’ expectation. Our product will be the end result of our mission statement: quality. We also have high expectations of being a manufacturer who will guarantee high value; high quality and we will exceed our customer’s expectations.
Executive Summary
I propose that our company would be called FUGENAV. I combined the word future, generation and aviation to come up with FUGENAV. This is only my proposal and is subject to change upon request. The United States military are wide spread across the globe. I propose that we stay within close proximity to the busiest military airfield. The busiest military airfield is located on Fort Bragg, NC. We could sell our products and ideas to the military as a startup. We would provide demonstration and loan some equipment with a fee. General support equipment could be used to transport an aircraft parts. Aircraft are disassembled down to the fuselage. All aircraft parts must be stowed away properly so that damages does not incur. Unmanned aerial vehicles are small enough that we could build trailers to move the aircraft from point A to point B. There are an abundance of ideas that we could use to support the different types of unmanned aerial vehicle. We could build ground support equipment that pertains to the different types of unmanned aerial vehicles. There are over fifteen different types of unmanned aerial vehicles used today. For example, I will list the different types of unmanned aerial vehicle used by the US military today: US Air force: Wasp Block III Gnat 750 MQ-1 Predator MQ-9 Reaper RQ-4 Global Hawk RQ-3 Dark Star RQ-170 Sentinel US Marine Corps: Dragon Eye RQ-11B Raven B RQ-2 Pioneer US Army RQ-11A/B Raven RQ-7A/B Shadow 200 RQ-5A MQ-5A/B Hunter MQ-1c Gray Eagle Any aircraft require periodic maintenance to keep them airworthy. Every aircraft listed is build and designed differently. I believe we could provide the right equipment needed to conduct safe maintenance. We would provide the equipment that is safe and user-friendly. Our product will be built with quality, two year warranty, provide training to properly use the equipment, and develop good relationship with our customers. Introduction The rationale of this business plan is to delineate the goals we will pursue for the foundation, development and operation of an aviation ground support equipment safety program. All aviation equipment is required by FAA to be inspected for deficiencies so that it could mitigate risk. The US military, commercial airlines, and aircraft owners require ground support equipment to properly fix an aircraft. Our business will provide that service for companies like Boeing and the US military. FAA requires that products manufactured meet ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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