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BTK (DENNIS RADER) Dennis L. Rader was eldest of the four sons William E. Rader and Dorothea Rader had together. Born on March 9, 1945 in Wichita, Dennis L. Rader lived a normal life while growing up. In his childhood, he never showed symptoms that would indicate his disruptive behaviour in later life…
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Download file to see previous pages Once he came back from the Air Force, he took up a job in the meat department of a grocery store. He lived separate from his parents. In 1973 he married Paula Dietz who was a secretary at the local hospital. They had 2 children together. According to Rader, he had a good marriage with his wife for the first 30 years. After 34 years of marriage, his wife filed for divorce on grounds of his mental health being unstable, after which Rader was arrested. People had mixed views of Denis Rader in their community. Some found him proud, rude and confrontational, while others found him to be to be a nice, friendly guy. As a child, Rader was very highly sexually active. Not in the sense that he performed sexual acts as a child (it is known that he graduated from high school as a virgin), but he would be easily provoked by spankings from his mother. He even had Sexual magazines and would sketch his sexual fantasies on paper. He would break into people’s homes when no one was there and would steal ladies underwear. Peeping and breaking into homes had become more frequent during the age of 14 till 21. The first killings he ever made as a child was of dogs and cats, by strangling them to death. Throughout his childhood, Rader was known to be a poor student who preferred isolation. He enjoyed the torturing of animals and gathering of erotic pictures of women instead of making friends. He modified these pictured he collected adding gags, chains and ropes to the pictures to sexually please himself with the idea of torture. The only 2 social activities that Rader ever indulged in were either his duties in the church or during his training as a boy scout. While he was in the boy scouts, he quickly learnt the art of tying knots, which helped him later on when he bound his victims before killing them (McClellan, 2010). Once BTK’s violent streak grasped him, there was nothing that could stop him. From 1974 till 1991, BTK Dennis Rader was responsible for killing 10 women in Wichita, Kansas. He was known to tie up his victims, torture them and then kill them. Hence the name BTK, Bind, Torture and Kill Dennis would collect personal items from his victims as souvenirs, after killing them. He even sent letters to the police and newspapers after his killings. The first letter that the police received from BTK was in 1974 after his first killing of the Otero family, that very year. His second letter, sent in 1978, was clearly a stunt for attention from the media. His letter was addressed to a television station as BTK, after which the name became famous for the serial killer. Dennis was even a writer of poems. His poems often contained descriptions of how he imagined his victims’ killings and some poems were even written with intent to be sent to his own victims. Dennis last made contact with the media in 2005. Forensic software discovered that the Microsoft Word document which was deleted had metadata that contained the phrase ‘Christ Lutheran Church’ and the name ‘Dennis’ for when it was last modified. The church website then showed Dennis Rader as the church president, after which the authorities started investigation on Dennis Rader. The police obtained a warrant for collecting DNA samples of Rader’s daughter. This DNA sample matched with the semen that authorities found in one of the earlier BKT killing victims. This gave the authorities a lead on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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