Respond to the following questions from the perspective of a Saudi Arabian representative from the cabinet of Ibn Saud, circa 19 - Research Paper Example

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(Name) (Professor) (Course) (Date) The Cabinet of Bin Saud and the “Age of Anxiety” Explain in a concise paragraph what has happened in your country in the last 20-30 years. What larger international trends are present in this history? The last 20-30 years is an important part of the history of my country; this period stood witness to different events that lead to the founding of our country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia…
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Respond to the following questions from the perspective of a Saudi Arabian representative from the cabinet of Ibn Saud, circa 19
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"Respond to the following questions from the perspective of a Saudi Arabian representative from the cabinet of Ibn Saud, circa 19"

Oil was also discovered in our country by 1935, with our country, granting oil concessions to Standard Oil of California (Bowen 104). Larger international trends in the last 20 years included the worldwide Great Depression, the founding of new countries from the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, and the rise of authoritarian governments in Russia, Italy, Germany and Japan (“An Age of Anxiety” n. p.). What is your response to the Great Depression? Does this signal capitalism’s demise or simply the need to fix certain elements of it? By the time of the Great Depression, my country was not yet established as it is now, and our present king Abdul-Aziz bin Saud was actually busy putting down the rebellion of the Ikhwan (an Islamic religious militia composed of different Bedouin tribes) from 1927-1930 (Al-Rasheed 66). During this time, my country was (and is still) largely influenced by the Wahhabi variety of Islam and the influential Mutawwaa, which has a resentment against the domination of capitalist British Empire over the Arab region (Al-Rasheed 62). In this case, I think that the Great Depression does not signal capitalism’s demise, but that some elements of it must be fixed; capitalism has in fact benefited my country, especially in the presence of oil revenues from the oil concessions that our country gave to capitalist oil corporations. What is your opinion of the experiment happening in the Soviet Union? At the time when the Soviet Union is experimenting with state socialism, our king Abdul-Aziz bin Saud is busy uniting the tribes of central Arabia, which was to be the foundation of modern Saudi Arabia. I think that the experiment of the Soviet Union would only lead to failure, due to the fact that their principles in building a new society is not aligned with Allah’s will and with Islamic laws, as prescribed by the muttawwa and the imams (Al-Rasheed 49). What are the implications of new authoritarian regimes in Germany, Italy, and Japan? Is there a future for democracy? Personally, I think that the new authoritarian regimes in Germany, Italy and Japan would only result in a new scramble for wealth, power and prestige from the different colonies that they have conquered, as this is what we have actually witnessed here in the Arab region under Ottoman, and then British domination (Al-Rasheed 41). However, I still think that there is still a future for democracy, especially in the democracy model of the United States; our deepening relationship with the United States starting from our economic ties since the discovery of the oil fields and the development of our ties with the US has showed that democracy in society would lead to prosperity (Bowen 102). What is the future of imperialism? Will it strengthen or weaken? I think that the future of imperialism would be the weakening of the colonial powers, and the assertion of the independence of colonies searching for a national identity. I also think that former colonies will soon grow tired from the domination of their societies by colonial powers, and would soon seek the chance to trace and make their own destiny. This was also the inspiration of the Arabs as Read More
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