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Various aspects about World War II - Assignment Example

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Name of author: Various aspects about World War II Second World War has influenced the twentieth century as well as the twenty first century in many ways. It educated the people all over the world about the consequences of a possible third world war. The consequences of using nuclear weapons were made clear to the world by the Second World War…
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Various aspects about World War II
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Download file to see previous pages He pretended that the Aryans (Germans) are superior to other people in the world and they have the right to rule the entire world. During Hitler’s period, Jews were the prominent community in the world because of the immense contributions they have given to the world in the form of scientific discoveries and other political and sociological aspects needed for the advancement of human civilization. Hitler’s blind and revenging attitudes towards Jews community have forced him to perceive everything against his views as the contributions of the Jew’s community. Moreover, Hitler believed that communism and democracy were the contributions of the Jew’s community and encouraging this political system will destroy the true values of the people. Many of the prominent scientists and world leaders were of Jewish origin which was not acceptable to Hitler. Hitler thought that the Germany’s lost lands during the previous wars were occupied by Jews and he has started the war against the Jews. “The Nazis basic intent was to make survival for the Jews more difficult and to create a loss of identity for the Jews. The Nazis occupying the towns asserted that the consequence of dissension was severe punishment or death” (LEBENSRAUM: LIVING SPACE FOR THE GERMAN RACE) Communism and democracy argue for equality rather than domination which were unacceptable to Hitler. In his opinion, communism and democracy were the means of spreading corruption. He has rejected the political systems like judiciary, parliament, and executive like entities and argued that these systems were in place in order to save the corrupted people from punishments. Hitler believed that only through dictatorship, corruption can be eliminated and a country can grow further. In a famous speech Hitler once declared that "We want to liberate Germany from the fetters of an impossible parliamentary democracy — not because we are terrorists, not because we intend to gag the free spirit. On the contrary, the spirit has never made themselves its master" (Brundage) Lebensraum was another major reason for the Nazi expansion into its neighbouring territories and the subsequent WW 2. The meaning of the word ‘Lebensraum’ is living space. Hitler believed that the Germans are living without enough space in Germany even though they were the major race in the world. Adolf Hitler considered Aryans race as the ancestors of Germans and he believed that Aryans are far superior to other races in world. It was not tolerable for him to accept the fact that the Germans/Aryans are living without enough living spaces in Germany. Hitler accused that some of the lands controlled by other countries near the boundaries of Germany actually belong to Germany and he has demanded a territorial revision of lands. He was of the opinion that Germany has lost many of its territories to neighbouring countries in previous wars which needed to be regained. He has gathered support from the German people to expand German territories using his mesmerising speeches in which he made the German people aware of the shame of living as slaves. The Treaty of Versailles signed in 1919 to end the WW 1 was a shock treatment for to the German pride. This treaty put the entire blame on Germany for causing WW 1 and asked Germany to pay heavy amounts as compensation. Moreover, Germany forced to sacrifice some of its land ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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