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Tourism/ Motives and motivations of visitors to a destination of your choice (Australia, Tanzania, South Africa, Latin America) - Research Paper Example

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Motives and motivations of visitors to Australia: A literature review A friend of mine once went to Australia, because she is motivated by the need for isolation, so that she can gain spiritual fulfillment and enlightenment. Another acquaintance said that his motives to visiting Australia are merely to enjoy surfing and to watch dragon boat contests. …
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Tourism/ Motives and motivations of visitors to a destination of your choice (Australia, Tanzania, South Africa, Latin America)
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Extract of sample "Tourism/ Motives and motivations of visitors to a destination of your choice (Australia, Tanzania, South Africa, Latin America)"

Download file to see previous pages This paper reviews the literature on the motives and motivations of visitors to Australia. To establish the parameters of the concepts motives and motivations, it will be useful to differentiate the two. Motivation is the deeper desire of the person to do something, while motives are the reasons for performing an action. An example of a tourist motive is when a visitor goes to Australia to be exposed to a different culture. Their motivation is to have an insightful cultural experience. Oftentimes though, people and studies use these concepts in the same ways, which makes it hard to actually differentiate motives and motivations for this review of literature. This review found out that tourists have diverse motives and motivations, depending on the purposes of their visits and personal desires and goals as tourists. Hughes (2000) describes “culture tourists” of Australia and their motivations of enjoying its cultural landscapes. These tourists go to cultural events, because they want to be exposed to different cultures. Their personal desires and goals are hinged on motivations regarding cultural knowledge and experience development. Hughes (2000) integrates several researches on motives and motivations of tourists who are interested in arts and entertainment consumption. Cultural tourists are motivated to visit heritage sites (i.e. castles, museums, churches, and others), visual arts centers (i.e. art galleries), and performing arts events (i.e. theaters and concert halls) (Hughes 2000:5). He notes a study of foreign tourists on Australia. Their motivations involve a cultural attraction to a specific cultural experience in Australia, while the general cultural experience is a secondary source of motivation (Hughes 2000:58). Hughes (2000:59) also differentiates visitors using the criteria of holiday and arts goals. For instance, non-holiday arts-core visitors specifically visit Australia to watch a particular cultural event, while a holiday arts-peripheral visitor has the motive of watching a play for entertainment purposes. Hill and Gough (2009) identify the following motives of ecotourists, where these visitors intend to plan enjoying and learning more about Australian ecology during their visits. Findings showed numerous motives, but the top three motives are: encountering scenic beauty, witnessing rainforest wildlife, and enjoying the sounds, smells, and sights of the rainforest (Hill and Gough 2009: 182). Kwan, Eagles, and Gebhardt (2008) examined and compared ecolodge visitors using the categories of budget, mid-price and upscale. They observed that the primary motives for ecolodge consumers are to learn and explore nature, whatever their budget, package price, and lifestyles may be. Potential differences in motives and motivations can occur between first-time and repeating visitors. Alant, and Bruwer (2004) examined wine tourism behavior. Findings showed that there are similarities and noticeable differences between the motives of first-time and repeat visitors and following behaviors in the different wine regions. Similar motives are to taste and to buy wine, while finding interesting and unique wines and enjoying the wine tasting experience are across-group motivations. Motivations differ between first-time and repeat visitors, primarily observed through knowledge of the wine region, the products ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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