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Discuss the following issues, with reference to a group of learners with whom you are familiar: - Essay Example

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Module title: Second Language Teaching and Learning Module number: 0913615 SLTL2 Discuss the following issues, with reference to a group of learners with whom you are familiar: What are the main speaking, listening, reading or writing skills that they need to acquire?…
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Discuss the following issues, with reference to a group of learners with whom you are familiar:
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Extract of sample "Discuss the following issues, with reference to a group of learners with whom you are familiar:"

Download file to see previous pages Teaching approaches 4.1 Natural approach 4.2 Whole language approach (WLA) 4.3 Situational approach 4.4 Communicative language teaching (CLT) 4.5 Task-based language teaching (TBLT) 4.6 Community language learning (CLL) 5. Conclusion 200 References 1. Introduction Language learning has become a crucial element of one’s educational journey, with many individuals beginning second language learning in their early ages. Learning a language requires a multitude of skills. Some of these include degree of affective filter, interest, intelligence, motivation and emotional response toward the language acquisition. Students may learn a language in order to secure a better job, while others take language classes to fulfill their learning requirements (Harmer, 2001). No matter what kind of motivation and interest they have, when they are in the language classroom, their goal is ultimately to speak fluently and use the target language accurately. Because a language contains the culture, history, and spirit of society where spoken, learning a language requires understanding emotional and cultural differences (Brown, 1994). Therefore, a teacher should be asking basic questions related to his/her own language teaching to help learners to achieve the goal effectively. Some basic question from Brown, H.D (1994) are shown as below: What do they want to learn? Who are the learners? Why they learn? When and where they learn? This paper presents basic questions that the instructor should bear in mind with a particular teaching situation by introducing learners’ social, institutional, and individual backgrounds. I will then move on to the learners’ needs; their most needed skills are classified as listening, reading, writing and speaking. Finally, this paper will cover ‘how to teach the skill?’ through suggesting effective methods supported by theoretical approaches. 2. Teaching situation This section describes a teaching situation often come across in language teaching. The paper first examines the particular teaching situation by analysing the learners’ social, institutional, and individual backgrounds. The section is divided into three different variables. 2.1 Socio-cultural background To narrow down the learners, this paper focuses on learners with an Asian cultural background, especially Korean learners. Nobody lives in society without a cultural identity (Ortega, 2009). Cultures determine the cognitive and affective filters of the individuals who live in it; these elements are strongly related to language performance. Hofstede (1986) argued that there are different dimensions of cultural interaction for both teachers and learners. These dimensions have been articulated as collectivist and individual societies. Hofstede analyzed fifty countries and three regions by using paper-and-pencil answers on 32 value questions. He argued that some countries are characteristically collectivist while others exhibit individualism. However, cultural diversity is not something that can be seen as black and white, as people who live in the same society will not always share the same characteristics of interaction. For this reason, we will also assume our learners have mixed qualities in terms of individualism, power distance, uncertainty avoidance and masculine matters (see Hofstede, 1986 for further details). We will also assume that our learners come from different classes of society. 2.2 Institutional background Many institutions including state and private schools, colleges, universities, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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