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Cultural Diversity in the U.S - Assignment Example

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Cultural Diversity in the U.S Public policy toward Native Americans The Native Americans belong to those classes of people who dwelled in the North American region from time immemorial. The American constitution refers to these people as American Indians and to their community as Indian tribes…
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Cultural Diversity in the U.S
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Download file to see previous pages The American Civil Law however endeavors to protect the interest of the Native Americans from falling prey to discriminatory practices of the American people (Civil Rights and the Native Americans, n.d.). The treatment offered to the Native Americans thus seems quite inconsistent who become more susceptible to the effects of cultural relativity. Inconsistent Public Policies towards Native Americans The government of United States endeavors to maintain a strong binding relationship with the Native Americans. To this end, some of the legislators belonging to the United States congress have shown increased interest in setting better educational, health and working standards for the American Indians living within close proximity of their territories. These activities reflect that some Americans desire to make the natives enjoy those amenities which were once kept reserved for the American people. However, the Native Americans are increasingly falling prey to problems of cultural relativity and ethnocentrism as reflected by the attitudes of some fellow Americans. These groups of Americans suffer from the fear that large amount of Native Americans would gradually disturb the unity of the nation and hence poses a considerable threat to the American community. A majority of the American people believe that the due influx of Native Americans in the American community have led to the growth of crime and even had contributed to the birth of regional languages thus creating cultural barriers. However during the period of 2006 significant demonstrations were organized to promote the betterment of the ethnic groups comprising of Latin American people belonging to different regions. There have been similar erroneous remarks made on Native Americans as exploiters and self gainers. The Native Americans like Mexicans contribute around 29 billion dollars on an annual basis to America’s tax resources in return for the services received by them. The Native Americans are also observed as economic burdens of America. However, this stands false for the Mexican population living in America is the best cultivators of fruits and vegetables significant for the American economy. Moreover the Native Americans are quick adaptors of the English language and honor the multi-cultural facet of the American region. In the region of California however the immigrant population coming from Latin American countries faced fierce stance with denial of public support in matters related to health and education. During the period of 1994 the United States government headed by Bill Clinton took further steps to seal the entry points of Mexican people to United States. Estimates show that around $2.5 billion are expended by the Canadian government on programs directed to the betterment of the Native Americans. This service rendered by the Canadian government does not gain enough ground for Latin Americans are still kept away from being integrated to the culture of the state. The attempt of the Canadian government to bridge the economic gap between the American and Native Americans were viewed by others as activities, which promoted cultural disintegration. Native Americans thus became a victim of ‘cultural relativism’ (Native Americans and Public Policy, n.d.; Trigger, Washburn, Edward, 1996, p.435; D'Angelo & Douglas, 2009, pp.69-78). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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