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Cultural Diversity in the U.S - Assignment Example

Being the economic and strategic giant, the USA abundantly observes arrival of foreigners on temporary and permanent basis, which has given birth to cultural diversity and social amalgamation in its wake. Though political authorities, politicians and strategic analysts vehemently support the influx of learned stratum in the country outside the country, yet there is present a large proportion of the people that abruptly oppose and condemn the immigrant in the USA. They have developed some stereotype concepts and images in their minds by exaggerating the actual situation in negative sense, particularly related to the economy of the country, that the people arriving from the outer world are sharing employment opportunities and job vacancies with the indigenous population, which consequently shortens the scope and chances for the native subjects. Furthermore, the businesses and corporate activities launched and advertised by the foreigners would also decrease the corporate opportunities for the locals. Moreover, the inclusion of these immigrants in the US population would be burdensome for the country and may eclipse and jeopardize the very foundations of the US economy at large. “Immigrant workers pay into social insurance programs, lessening strains on social assistance for the elderly. Many unauthorized workers use false ID numbers and pay Social Security taxes but are ineligible to receive benefits. Less than three percent of immigrants receive food stamps. Unauthorized workers support

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Cultural Diversity in the U.S
The government of United States recognizes around five hundred and fifty American Indian tribal communities and governments formed by them. Furthermore around 300 seats are kept reserved for the Native Americans to represent their communities. However on the contrary these Native Americans feel the heat of racial discrimination by the fellow Americans in public places where discriminatory methods are openly practiced.
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Cultural diversity at work
Cultural diversity is a feature of organizations that it gradually increasing with each passing day. With the advent of globalization cultural diversity, this feature is becoming more common in workplaces.  Cultural diversity is quality in which one specific workplace has many different types of people employed who come from completely or slightly different cultures. 
3 pages (750 words)Assignment
Affirmative action and Diversity policies

The author states that it is based on the concept that by increasing the opportunities for the minority populations, the existence gaps can be addressed. In its responses, the paper suggests that affirmative action is indeed necessary in addressing the current problems that are attributed to social categorizations.

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Cultural diversity
The Amish believes in unspoken principle of Gelassenheit, which implies a complete yield to the will of God and the church. The Amish churches have unspoken rules called the Ordnung that governs the cultural behavior and life of the members. The population of the Amish doubles every fourteen years, and amounted to 249,000 in the year 2010 (Gillum, 2010).
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Cultural Diversity and Language Education
I strted studying French in elementry school nd continued through my sophomore yer in college. In my junior yer of college, I switched to Spnish when I relized I would use it more often becuse of the number of Spnish-speking people in Cliforni. fter 21/2 yers of immersing myself in Spnish through study nd trvel to Mexico nd Guteml, I grduted with minor in Spnish.
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Maintaining Cultural Diversity
The training and service recommendations will be conducted privately to Ladbrokes Board of Corporate Governance. Concern is to ensure that proper employee diversity is continuously managed to the best of the facilities ability, including appropriate training assistance as well as pronunciation of diversity qualities that enhance Recommendations will be made to ensure the continuation of Ladbrokes excellent record following the analysis of Ladbrokes current operational training conduct.
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Cultural Diversity in the U.S
observing of equal job and employment chances to the American citizens without impediments because of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender and others. It also states that no race could be preferred over other beyond merit at all. However, if an individual is
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Cultural Diversity in the U.S
l, freely moving to places and engaging in legitimate activities within the country and abroad, Mexico is not sufficiently capable of implementing its policy for the right to private property and protection hereafter. In Brazil, the owner is otherwise required to undergo due
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Social and Cultural Diversity

According to the study conducted, diversity is an important and innate aspect of every society or community existing in the world. Every person existing with our surroundings is different and unique in one or many ways. Sometimes it becomes difficult to handle the differences, a situation that leads to unintentional war and conflict.

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Because of the job competition brought about by the immigrants, it is not a surprise to see the less educated workers having a negative view of the immigrants hence conflicts in the organization
3 pages (750 words)Assignment
local school districts through property taxes, indirectly as renters or directly as homeowners.” (The Nation Voter, 2007: 1) In addition, it is also a stereotype notion that granting the recently migrated individuals the immigrant status may decrease the health, education, housing and transportation facilities for them. Sociological researches reveal the very fact that these stereotypes maintain universality in nature, as an overwhelming majority of the US population sticks to the same stereotypes. For instance, an overwhelming majority of the WASP takes the African and Asian immigrants as the basic reason behind the constant increase in the crime rate and unemployment in the USA. “Historically, immigrants have been burdened with a disproportionate amount of blame for many of society’s problems based on false assumptions and stereotypes—immigrants take jobs away from hard working native-born Americans; drain America’s health care and educational resources; and increase our criminal rates.” (Reeves & Johnson, 2008) Sociological researches also support the very idea that it is lack of tolerance and biased feelings towards other racial, ethnic and religious groups that enforce the white Anglo Saxon population to refuse to allow further migration within the United States. Hence, sense of superiority as well as abhorrence for others urges the native people saddle on the theory of banishing outsiders in the USA. “Prejudice”, Macionis observes, “often takes the form of a stereotype, an exaggerated description applied to every person in some category; as many white people hold stereotype views of minorities.” (2008: 366) Keeping in view the fast growing displeasure of the local population, the US government has taking few steps to discourage the foreigners to settle in the country. One of the most formidable steps taken by the governments towards this direction is the imposition of


CULTURAL DIVERSITY IN THE USA Although immigration of the individuals from one part of the globe to other areas and regions has been in vogue since the known history of the world, yet the contemporary era has particularly widened the concept and scope of immigration…
Cultural Diversity in the U.S
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