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Welfare, Policy And The Law In Social Work Practice - Essay Example

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Social work practice has significant importance in the society notably to individuals who are depressed and those facing psychological instability. Family bereavement is one of the key issues that social work practitioners deal with…
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Welfare, Policy And The Law In Social Work Practice
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Download file to see previous pages These practitioners provide methods and means supporting counseling individuals experiencing personal trauma, grief and depression (Bell2002). The understanding of the bereavement theory in this context improves Social work practitioners also engage in providing services such as the development, monitoring and implementation of policies and guidelines that facilitate best bereavement practice and care. According to Thompson, N. (2000) this entails training and consultations to bereaved individuals attributed to various circumstances (Thompson 2000). This essentiality of this is strengthening the link between those who are bereaved and depressed and the continuous provision of improved and quality services. In the context of the case study, Sayeed is a 50-year-old Indian male who stays in UK and has lost his job under unclear circumstances where he claims to be discriminatory and unfair is in despair and distress. After loosing his job Sayeed has not been able to provide to his family prompting her wife Juliet, a 45-year-old English teacher threatening to leave her because he is not able to provide for the family needs. Therefore in order to understand the intervention requirement that Sayeed needs to overcome his situation, it is important to have an insight on the supporting the bereaved theory and practice (Bell2002). BEREAVEMENT THEORY According to Adams, R., Dominelli, L. and Payne, M. (2002) their studies shows that research on bereavement has increased and gained prominence. Attributed to these studies is the emergence of several models which are aimed to help and guide to who are bereaved. It is notable that individuals who are bereaved have physical, cognitive, cognitive and behavioural components which have variance in disruptiveness and length (Adams et al 2002). Other research shows that providing appropriate and adequate support sometimes results into alleviation of probable future bereavement of depression. However this is not to mean that depressed and bereaved persons such as Sayeed will require help or should be pathologised. Therefore asserting from this it is important for the professionals to have a strong knowledge base in regard to providing support to the bereaved. Preferably is the solid scientific knowledge base on the bereavement theory and practice. Bereavement theory and practice enhances personal experience of the practitioner which is essential in dealing with emerging depression and bereavement situations (Adams et al 2002). The weakness associated to this approach is that it is too restricted to generalization of validity in regard to new situations. Another major weakness is that the personal experience is influenced by the subjective prejudices and values. In order to be inform with the practice ascribed in the bereavement theory five models is selected which enhances sensitivity of any situation and also when working with the bereaved. The bereavement theory is important because it is useful in dealing with life-changing events such as loss of work, illness, divorce and redundancy. To fully understand bereavement theory and what it entails in the context of the case study and is relating social practice the following are the underlying models. Phases and stages According to Lishman (2007) in his study provides that attachment to something gives the basis for understanding bereavement attributed to the loss of work. He further provides that commonly there is human tendency of developing commitment towards work (Lishman 2007). This attachment ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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