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Role of Nutrition Information is Influencing Consumer Choice - Essay Example

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This report talks that recent developments have seen a shift in consumer perceptions on the food they consume based on the information availed to them in product packaging, chain branding, advertisements and other communication media. …
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Role of Nutrition Information is Influencing Consumer Choice
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Download file to see previous pages ind out the level of awareness on the importance of labels on food products, and identify the factors that customers consider before purchasing a food product based on its label (Verduin, Agarwal and Waltman, 2005). Aim and Objectives The aim of the project is to understand the relationship of buying habits for food products as influenced by product labels. The objectives of the study include: To examine the behaviour of customers as they make purchases at a local supermarket To establish the level of customer awareness on the various requirements for food labelling To identify the relevant words that customers look for in labels when making choices on food products To determine the most significant details on food products to customers To identify if customers consider the health benefits of a food product or absence of health hazard before making a purchase To review literature on the effects of labels on customer choices when shopping for food products To discuss the reasons for the choices that customers make after reading the labels on food products Literature Review Verduin, Agarwal and Waltman (2005: 2597) state that the consumer is the central player in the decisions that could help the nation reverse the obesity situation, and should be informed on the importance of keeping watch on the contents of foodstuffs that one consumes. In addition, the writers emphasise on the need for the food industry to be truthful in providing information to consumers, and adherence to other guidelines provided for ethical advertising. In addition, they assert that manufacturers should work in cooperation with the government (2610) and research institutions (2612); the government gives recommendations and enforces standards, while the research institutions ensure that the use of...
This report stresses that this study is likely to encounter several limitations that may reduce its efficiency, and it has some shortcomings that may have a negative effect on the usability of the results for generalisation. First, the data collection approaches are expensive in terms of time and money, both of which may not be enough since the researcher may have other commitments. Second, the management of retail stores may not cooperate with the researcher, while customers may perceive the study as a waste of time or an infringement into their private lives. Third, the study makes many assumptions that may reduce the confidence level of the results; however, this can be countered by the use of secondary sources that allow the researcher to make exclusions and differentiations. One of the main assumptions is that a customer’s choice is informed by the contents of the label, and other factors, including price have little or no role to play. Finally, there is one ethical concern that the researcher has to deal with; observing customers and recording data without their knowledge may amount to doing research with people as subjects without their informed consent. Therefore, the researcher has to consult the ethics department of the institution before doing the study to clarify the matter.
This essay makes a conclusion that the proposal is part of the process of preparing for a study, and every aspect of study must be cleared up to save on costs, identify potential obstacles and other unforeseen aspects of the study. The proposal must have the aims and objectives, and methodologies that will be used to answer the research question. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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