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Discussion of Biology: Science and Ethics - Essay Example

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"Discussion of Biology: Science and Ethics" paper explains how ethics and moral rules fit into science, analyzes the case of Rosalind Franklin, examines the pros and cons of genetic testing and gene therapy, and identifies why humans should be interested in the social behavior of animals. …
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Discussion of Biology: Science and Ethics
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Extract of sample "Discussion of Biology: Science and Ethics"

Download file to see previous pages Every society has its moral codes and values. These moral codes are called ethics. They help society to differentiate between right and wrong. These moral rules should be implemented in every walk of life. They can not be ignored in certain special cases. It is quite important to consider ethical values, rights, and wrongs in the field of Science as well. There should be certain limitations for conducting scientific experiments and testing. There is a continuous debate going on in modern societies about the limitations of scientific experimentation and testing. But everybody agrees that ethical values can not be ignored in science.

As far as classification of moral codes is concerned they can be classified into two major categories according to consequences considerations. These two categories are Deontological ethics and Utilitarian ethics. In the first category, the validity of any action is judged according to religious teachings and rights and entitlements of various entities without considering the consequences. Whereas in second category validity is judged according to implications and consequences of any action.

Scientists have to make certain ethical decisions for experimentation and testing. Most of the decisions are made according to different ethical systems by creating consensus. These decisions are made for the benefit of the majority of society. But for getting the desired results rights of few individuals are willfully violated on the pretext that it will help the cause of the majority.

The examples of human and animal use in a scientific experiment are also justified on the basis of these ethical systems. It is argued that if few animals or human beings are temporarily or permanently affected then a vast majority of the people is benefited. Although this argument is correct to some extent it should not cross certain limits. There is various historical evidence that humanity has got rid of many deadly diseases because of these experiments. But once said that we should not forget the human or animal subject should not be brutalized or experimented for minor benefits with limited scope. For example, the testing of animals for cosmetics is widely criticized. The animal rights should also not be ignored while using animals for toxicological testing. Some scientists also argue that if some animals are sacrificed then others are provided better living conditions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Discussion of Biology: Science and Ethics Essay”.
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